Public Embarrassment

I recently became my school’s varsity soccer goalie and was super excited for my first game. 5 minutes in, I got shat on. The other team’s striker shot a huge floater from outside the box. I saw the ball coming and thought I could get to it with ease. As I saw the ball floating in, I sheepishly backed up letting the ball hit the net above my head.

What a bummer.

I needed to have a good performance to guarantee the starting job and that is NOT what that accomplished.

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The helpless feeling of the ball floating over my head. The swish sound of the ball hitting the net. The collective sigh of our fans and players. I heard and felt it all. I punted the ball out of the net disgusted with myself. Heading back to the bench I put on a show, slamming my gloves into the ground, taking off my shirt, throwing my shin pads. I could feel the judgment from players who were complacent in the goal and wanted to tell them to chill out, in fact, when one teammate gave me a glare and said something to me I just said “please shut up”.

Anyway, I have a game today and am hoping for better performance.


I recently joined the soccer team. While at first I was intimidated by both the amount of running and the fact that I haven’t played soccer in 7 years, those nerves are now gone. They have been replaced by a deep sense of regret.

For most of the high school, I didn’t have the chance to play a “real” sport. My first high school didn’t offer league sports, just smaller less official sports teams. Thought I played everything, it wasn’t real. I didn’t feel the camaraderie of a team. Then I switched schools, excited about the possibility of playing sports.

Once the sports seasons started, I picked golf because it was my best sport. I have done golf for the last 3 sports seasons since I began and have enjoyed it. I got food at the golf course, didn’t have to run, and enjoyed playing with my closest friends at my new school. This was awesome, but something I regret.

Just a week into soccer and I am already regretting my decision/inability to not play a real team sport during high school.

Practicing with friends, running, making saves. I remember all of these things from youth sports and middle school, and I miss the feelings associated with them. I miss being part of a team and more than anything, I am scared that this is my last chance to be part of a team.

I am going to make the best of this opportunity and I’m gonna push to get the starting goalie position. I want this experience to be memorable, maybe there will be an in conclusion blog in a few months.

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Winter Season

It’s finally Winter Season.  I never had Soccer in winter season, and I can’t imagine playing Soccer while it is freezing outside. I’m still happy that fall season is over, meaning that I can participate in sports that I actually enjoy. Soccer was the first sport that I was involved in Since I was young, and one of my favorite sports to watch. I’m not a crazy athlete who wants to go to college for Soccer, but I always try hard and try to test my limit, when I’m Involved. Soccer is all about teamwork, which I love the most. For sure it would be great to have crazy talented players on the team, but discordance among teammates would eventually lead to failure. To have a successful Soccer Season, harmony between teammates is crucial, and I hope in this Soccer season the team could communicate and support each other for better results.

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Football, or as we Americans call it, soccer.

Yes, I’m aware that the above is not a complete sentence.  However, the winter sports season is my favorite, as I get to play soccer.

Now, I hate running.  Even though I do cross-country in the fall and track in the spring, I am really not a runner.  I wish I was, but I’m not and that’s just how it is.

That aside, I love running in soccer.  I love the sprinting, and the distance.  My friend Ally and I run at least two additional miles after practice every day.

Here’s the other thing: I’m terrible at soccer.

I played as a kid in one of those coed AYSO leagues.  The only thing I remember from that was when a kid named Peter fell off the monkey bars near our practice field and got a concussion.  I was sad because he was never the same when he came back, and I had a crush on him.

I played again in seventh and eighth grade on the school team, and wanted to play my freshman year of high school.  But, I popped out my knee during cross-country and skipped a year, joining back up as a sophomore as left wing.

I’m currently the only left-footed player on my team, so I guess that’s something.

But back to the point, I’m awful.

I just can’t seem to get my kicks right and I don’t know why.  But that’s ok; I don’t mind.

Who needs aim when you can just smash?

That’s what I do.  I just barrel into whoever is in my way and pass it to the players on my team who actually have all that fancy ball-handling down.  It’s a party, and I like it.

I love the physicality of soccer, the movement, the heat.

There’s something incredibly fierce about the pace and the nature of the game.  It’s like an unexpected dance, the opposing team always has you guessing.  You have to figure out how to move with them, anticipate their actions and take your queues.

Of course…I’m a horrendous dancer, but that’s mostly irrelevant.

Your Feet

Your Feet

“When I cannot look at your face
I look at your feet.

Your feet of arched bone,
your hard little feet.

…But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.”

Pablo Neruda

I love this poem because it can describe anybody that is special to you. Friend, family, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

My mother has always told me that your feet are the doorways to your well-being. If it is flu season, and your feet are bare, you are welcoming the sickness into your body.

I’ve always wondered why she said that. I mean, I could understand why she would advise me to take good care of my hands or perhaps my head, but my feet?
I figured that it was because we use them everyday to walk, to sprint, to skip, to tiptoe, to dance, to keep a rhythm. And since we use them so often, it is crucial that we take care of them.

But this poem took my perspective to another level. Your feet carries you from place to place.
It is not how often you use them or how you use them that make them so special but where they bring you and who you will meet.
That is why my mother stresses me to take care of my feet.

My feet have brought me so far these past 18 years. They brought me up and down mountains and through my life’s pinnacles and pitfalls.

It’s quite funny because my feet used to be my biggest source of self-consciousness. I hated them. I hated the way they looked. I especially hated that because of 4 years of soccer and track, I have two black toenails.
But now, I kind of admire them for where they have taken me. It is almost as if I have a strange respect for them.

Now, as I am going to college, it is time to let my feet take me wherever they choose to go. OH and the places I will see! The people I will meet!

Life is remarkable.

Politics and Soccer

To someone who is a fan of one or a fan of neither, this may seem like a very odd combination. But for me it is far from it.

As I look towards college there are two fields that I see myself potentially pursuing, politics and soccer. 

To specify, when I say soccer I mean the management side of it. And when I say politics I mean going into the legislative branch in some form.

Now these two may seem to be far apart in the processes and lifestyle but to me they are quite similar. Both are in the eye of the public and both aim to please the public. Both deal with large amounts of money and work on a global scale. And most importantly, both are passions of mine.

I have been involved in the business side of soccer for about 4 years now. It’s surprisingly complicated at times and the attention to detail is large. I have also followed politics closely for some years now and I get a similar vibe there.

So the issue I run into is which one do I choose? I love both, I can make good money doing both and I feel like I have potential in both. But if I end up in one and hate it can I switch to the other?

These thoughts are shared with many young people my age I am sure. It is hard being tasked with choosing where your life will head. At times I wish someone would just choose for me but I know I would have regrets.

As I look towards college I am thinking of all the possibilities and what I could do to keep both doors open as long as possible. I know that now is not the time to make the choice but taking steps to find out is important.

So here is a word of advice for people younger than me: do all you can to figure out what you want to do. My parents have “forced” me to work in the areas I like and it has made a huge difference because I have been able to narrow it down. I know so many kids my age who are worried because they just have no idea. I am sure they will find out soon enough but it takes off so much stress knowing that you know what you want to do.

So for parents and kids, take steps to find out your passion. Sometimes you find out something surprising but all the information is good information.

The Valiance of Girls soccer

Today at OVS the girls soccer team had a game against Oak Grove.  First off I must say it was one of the most hard-fought games of all time.

The girls stepped onto the field with only 9 players; 10 is the minimum number to play. Another student who was just there to watch stepped up and decided to play. That was the first valiant move made of the day.

So with no subs and only 10 players the girls went out full force.  One of the opposing players was extremely vicious  and was fouling our players left and right, and even after she yelled and pushed one of the girls, the OVS players still fought on!

By the time the second half started the OVS spuds were exhausted, yet still they persisted and gave them hell.

All in all I feel that if the boys; team had the same heart as the girls, we would probably have gone to finals

Dang sports, you scary!!!

Today, as I’m sure the spectators of the OVS girls’ soccer game witnessed, freshman Ali Fortier took a strong kick directly in the face, causing her to have a serious bloody nose. Now, I know this isn’t the usual Worst Person in Sports that I’m sure you readers are accustomed to, and I promise I’ll be back at that later. But I felt like this particular game needed to be addressed.

Not only did the OVS squad play a girl down for the entire game, but the fighting spirit by all of the girls was there from the opening kickoff. Despite the score, it was really a thrilling game to witness.

However, I was appalled to witness that the opposing team, which I will refer to as “Team X” continued to run up the score after Ali Fortier was forced to head to the sideline with that ball to the face that I mentioned earlier.

For about 25 minutes of play, OVS played with 8 position players and a goalie while Team X played with 10 position players and a goalie.

The worst part? Team X was winning by about 4 goals. The game was far out of reach.

So why, might I ask, did the coach even warrant this atrocious mindset? Why was this allowed?

I would love to hear feedback from any readers because this just shocks me.

Disappointing results

Today we had a soccer game.  The team we were playing we have already played and we won 5 to 1 or something like that. Point is we beat them bad. But not today. Today we ended with a tie game.

I played a forward position so it fell to me as well as our other forwards to score. Unfortunately we could not finish, without lack of trying. We had ALOT of shots but nothing could just go in.

For the most part of the second half I felt like I wanted to strangle something I was so frustrated.  Nothing is more frustrating than having their goalie get the ball over and over and over again.

Sometimes these things happen where there seems to be an invisible wall preventing us from scoring, and it is infuriating. Next week we have another game and I really hope for my own sanity that we get some goals.

The true meaning of the Game.

I have been playing soccer for almost my entire life now.  I really love the game and competing against other people.  I also love winning.  What I don’t love so much is losing.

Today we played the Dunn School soccer team and lost, but as I was driving home from the game, I realized that I was not upset at all. I actually had a smile on my face.

For the first time in over a decade of playing soccer I finally realized what it means to play the game.  Playing soccer is not about one team winning or anything, it’s about two teams going out on a field and playing their hearts out.  That’s what happened today.  It was by far the most fun game I have ever played.

I was constantly smiling and making jokes with opposing players, and when it came to one on one with the ball, the competition was always in good spirits.  Both teams played extremely well and there was a true sense of healthy competition.

Before today I never understood why in professional leagues players from opposite teams would talk to each other and joke. To me the other team was always the enemy and there should be no fraternization.  But once again today’s game brought down my preconceived notions of camaraderie and I did speak with players after the game.

Overall although we lost, I myself, and I think the team as a whole, learned more today then we have all season, and from here on OVS will see a different team.