Top 5 Favorite Genre of Music & Singer

I probably listen to every type of music, but I still have my own favorite genre and singer. I usually listen to music that is not too popular because they will still have their own style of music. For example, HONNE was one of my favorite bands, it still is, I just didn’t like them much as usual. If you listen to their oldest song, you will find the difference between the oldest and their newest album. I found that when musicians get famous they start to change their music style to music that is similar to others. However, here is the list of my favorite genres or singers that you should listen to.

Top 5 Favorite singer:

  1. Julia wu

2. Ariana Grande

3. Sirup

4. Hoody

5. Keshi

Photo Credit: Julia Wu

Top 5 Favorite Electronic Music Producer:

  1. San Holo

2. Goth Babe

3. Popeska

4. Attom


Photo Credit: San Holo

Top 5 Favorite Rapper:

  1. E.SO

2. Juice WRLD

3. A$AP Rocky

4. Lil Uzi Vert

5. Young Thug

Photo Credit: E.SO

Top 5 Favorite Mandopop:

  1. Jinbo

2. 9M88

3. TroutFresh

4. Shi Shi

5. Soft Lipa

Photo Credit: Jinbo

Top 5 Favorite Alternative Band:

  1. The 1975


3. The Killers

4. The Millennial Club


Photo Credit: The 1975

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