A Crucial Mistake

When I was five I moved into the house that I live in now and when my family moved in we had some friends over. Around three months after we had moved in we decided to have a barbeque with some of our friends from the next town over. While we were doing this the parents were sat inside the house while my friend and I played in the front yard with some soccer balls and other things. We then decided to play with the horseshoes that we had found in the back yard, these shoes were very rusty and not at all safe to play with, but we were little boys so we did it anyway. We began to play our own version of horseshoes where we stood on opposing sides of the field, this was a horrible idea because it meant we were throwing these rusty horseshoes at each other. About ten minutes into this activity me friend threw a horseshoe that happened to line up with my head, not fun. It hit me in the forehead spitting it open and leaving a large gash. But I didn’t know this because I had applied so much pressure to it that no blood was coming out. This led to my mom removing my hand and a fountain of blood pouring out. She then took me to the ER to get stitches and I was sent on my way with a fun story and a scar to prove it.

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My second set of stitches

The events in this story happened after my last story’s events so I suggest you read that one first. After I had healed from jumping into the hot tub. It was a rainy day in my home town, so my PE class was being held in the school gym instead of on the field where it usually was held. We got there and were instructed to take our shoes off so that we didn’t get the floor of the gym wet and slippery, this was a big mistake in my opinion because I kept my socks on. We were doing fun things like dodgeball and just passing the balls, but the problem arose when we started to throw some things in the air and catching them. As I was doing this I somehow made it over to the pile of shoes. I threw the little sheet thing in the air up and ran forward tripping over the shoes and falling forward onto my face. I just so happened to fall right on my freshly healed chin splitting it open again. I remember feeling the sting that happens when I had gashed my chin before. I grabbed it like I had before to keep the blood in but I looked and saw the puddle of blood on the ground and I knew that it was bad. I rushed to the nurses where they called my mom and told me I needed stitches. There is still blood stains on the floor from that event almost eleven years ago.

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Game of Thrones

For the past year I’ve laughed at everyone who watched Game of ThronesI didn’t think much of the series, just that it seemed a little ridiculous. That was, of course, until Friday night, when I watched the first episode with a friend of mine.

I am now addicted.

Four days later, I’m almost done with the third season. The show is filled with never-ending suspense and action. It’s an intriguing mix of a make-believe world and our own history of lords and ladies, kings and queens, and even slavery.

The show is just a tad gory however. For someone who doesn’t like blood, it’s kind of gross. But overall, I think the show is fantastic.

The Road thats been taken


Old roads built out of bricks and blood,

The man fell down with a heavy thud.

Stabbed from all sides, cornered in a hall,

It did not take long for the man to fall.

His supporters had adored his great rise,

They had seen the word through his eyes.

His life did not begin well, nor was its end.

Believers believed that he could mend.

A democracy crumbled, a dollar destroyed,

To him the nation is but a toy.

He played with it wrong and paid the price,

A violent end to a quick life.

Handing Your Heart Away

Everyone has a heart. The heart is a clump of muscle imbedded inside your chest, hidden behind your lungs and ribcage. Upon first glance, upon first experience, you plunge your hand into your chest and enclose your fist around your heart.

You’ll keep your hand enclosed around that heart. Maybe you will release your heart, sew up your chest, then wash the blood off your hands.

Or maybe something will happen, and you begin to pull your heart out of your chest. Strangely enough, it doesn’t hurt. Just don’t pull too hard or too fast, you could bleed yourself to death. No, pull slow, allow time to clot, then keep pulling.

Who knows how long it takes until you can hold your heart at arm’s length? Maybe it takes two years. Two years sounds like a good amount of time.

Your heart is enclosed in your hand, pumping, pumping, slightly connected to your chest and the rest of your body. You look up. There it is. There is the thing, the person, the place, the reason you pulled your heart out in the first place. Blood soaks your footsteps so you’ll always know the way you came.

You have two options.

The first option is to cut your heart away from you body. Hand it to that person, place it on the ground, do anything that shows that your heart is no longer your own.

They could crush it. Stomp on it, squeeze it slice and dice it up. They could do anything at all and you could do nothing about it. It is no longer your heart.

You have another option.

Turn away. Put your heart back into your chest. Stack your ribs on top and peel your lungs back into place. Sew yourself up. The heart is yours. It will stay yours. Do not ever let it go again.

LAPD Drugs: Part 2

I’ve woken up up cold an alone.

My head is thumping and my heart is pounding.

I can tell that where I am is hot, but I feel so cold.

I taste blood. My eyes have blindfold over them, but I can tell I can’t open my eyes.

I try to reach out, but my hands are tied behind me. I try to walk, but my feet aren’t on the ground. I am alone in this room, hanging from the ceiling. My clothes have been taken off, I have blood dripping down my face and onto my chest. I hear it drop onto the cement floor.

Drip drop, drip drop, drip drop.

It’s hard to keep my eyes open.

I keep fading in and out of consciousness. Swaying back and forth from this chain. I can’t move. I can’t scream. I have a sock shoved in my mouth to keep my quiet. I knew I shouldn’t have followed that stupid piece of s**t dealer, but I’m too f*****g stupid to leave something alone.

Now I’m in this room. Humiliated, naked, beaten, bloody, bruised, and cold. I have no idea if I’ll ever leave this place.

Tears mix with my blood and they run into my mouth, just being sopped up by this sock.

I can’t keep my eyes open, fading, fading, fadi……

I was Wrong!!!

I am an incredibly superstitious person. I freak out whenever I see a black cat, I refuse to walk under ladders, I don’t break mirrors and I hold salt shakers hostage during dinner so that no one spills it.

Therefore, I also believe in certain “signs” if you will, meaning that since one thing occurred, it must mean that I need to do something.

In this instance, I got sick this morning because I was meant to watch the Pro Bowl, even after swearing I wouldn’t.

So here I am, laying in my bed, meds taken, tissue box in hand, watching the Pro Bowl on NBC.com. I’m probably in for a garbage, throw away game full of blown tackles and crappy effort.

Um, what is this I’m watching? Is this…a good game?!

I have actually enjoyed watching the Pro Bowl this year. Watching some of my favorite players in the league just explode for yardage play after player. Yes, the defense is still a little bit lax but I am enjoying myself right now.

Of course, a game including the best in the business usually has a few highlights.

For starters, Russell Wilson looks like the second coming of Jesus.

For the religious nuts out there, get over it. I’m not insulting religion. I’m a proud Roman Catholic, but I’m not about to get insulted by this nonsense. Jesus was a perfect being, so say the teachings. Today, Wilson was quite perfect indeed.

He threw some great passes, ran a few times, commanded an offense and made me wish he was the QB for the Eagles. I’ve said it countless times. I believe in the mobile quarterback. I don’t mean the running back that can throw like Mike Vick. I mean the quarterback that can run, like RG3 and Wilson.

Another highlight was seeing Jeff Saturday, the center for the NFC, come over to the AFC side and snap the ball to Peyton Manning. For those that live under a rock, Manning and Saturday were teammates in Indianapolis a few years back for a long time. They built a chemistry that was unmatched in the modern day NFL. Jeff has decided to retire following the now concluded Pro Bowl game.

There were a ton of highlights, and I encourage any of you guys to check out some clips. However, my personal favorite highlight from the day was when Ed Hochuli, the referee for the game, dished out the first flag of the day. The game had gone almost a full half before a penalty was called. So, he took that fact and decided to make some comedy out of it. He turned on his mic and said the following to the crowd,

“Yes, there are still penalties in the Pro Bowl.”

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When you’re driving, taking a test, in class getting sleepy… You need to concentrate on what you’re doing but you can’t and everybody experiences that all the time.

However, there’s one thing you can do quickly to refocus.

Put your hand between your ears, on your chin and feel for the masticatory muscle. Then start moving the muscle. You don’t have to open your mouth but start trying to chew. Repeat for 30 to 50 times. You’ll feel your brain refocusing.

But… why? There’s a cluster of veins that sends blood to your brain which is located near the masticatory muscle and every time the muscle contracts by chewing, the veins are pushed and blood rapidly will be sent to your brain. Also, extra oxygen and glucose are sent to brain so you can concentrate more.

The Blood Man

In Australia, Joe Mannana plans to make a trip to donate his blood.

What is so interesting about this man?

First, he is 79-year-old.

Second, he has donated his blood over 1000 times during 36 years.

Last, he has saved over 20,000 lives of infants and mothers.

Born with RH- A blood type that can also be replaced with RH+ A blood type, he indeed is a rare man with mutant but precious blood.

He began this donation marathon after he survived a difficult surgery that demanded a special blood like his. However, the doctors later realized that the operation proceeded successfully even after wrong type of blood had been transfused into his body. Since then, he decided to save other lives and contribute to the medical experiments.

Even though he has already been marked as a significant benefactor of the medical field, he continues to incessantly donate every possible drop of his blood.