Didn’t See That Coming

So at the beginning of the NHL playoffs I entered a bracket challenge on nhl.com

I based my predictions off of how the teams played during the year, and where they finished in their respective conferences.

Here is my bracket that I started at the beginning of playoffs.

So many teams have not played the way they were supposed to that my whole bracket is basically ruined.

So far the only thing I have gotten right completely is that the Kings would beat the Blues in 6 games.

Hey, at least that’s a start.

I also guessed Chicago would be Minnesota, but who didn’t?

I got it right that Pittsburgh would be the Isles, but again, who didn’t?

What really messed me up were the Ducks, Habs, and Sharks!

The Ducks were #2 in the league basically the whole year.

They played some solid hockey in their series against Detroit, but I have no idea how they let the Red Wings force a game 7.

If it wasn’t for their poor play against the Red Wings last night my bracket wouldn’t have been completey screwed, but come to think of it, yes it would have.

The Sharks swept Vancouver which I don’t think anybody saw coming.

And the Montreal Canadiens lost to the Ottawa Senators in 5 games. Who saw any of this happening?

There were so many overtime games, and so many great hits or fights.

Let’s talk about the game between Montreal and Ottawa where there was a combined 237 penalty minutes, now that is how hockey should be played.

There were countless fighting majors and game misconducts, it was awesome!

So now my round 2 is basically screwed on the East and the West.

I’m basically done guessing who is going to win.

If it comes down to it and playoffs continue on like they have been, maybe Toronto will win the cup this year.

I mean, they haven’t put on the golf shoes so far, and that’s better than they have done for a while.

Gladly my beloved Kings have home ice advantage against a well rested team of Sharks.

The Kings have gotten a good amount of rest too, and I look forward to beating one of our biggest rivals in the league.

I make no speculations about any of the series to come, because your guess is just as good as mine at this point.


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