Grandma B

At 90 years old, one can hope to still be alive, let alone completely mobile and thriving.

My 90-year-old neighbor at home, known as Grandma B, can be seen out every day, doing various errands and tending to her intricate garden.

Although inhibited by being nearly blind and hard of hearing, she has no physical troubles and is completely there mentally. Because of her eyesight, she sports thick, black rimmed glasses, causing her eyes to look gigantic.

No one in the neighborhood knows her real name, for she chooses to be known as Grandma B to everyone.

Grandma B owns a car, and is still legally allowed to drive – resulting in her doing all her grocery shopping, banking and other errands on her own. However, her enormous family is always there to assist if need be.

Always outside, Grandma B has an abundance of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers growing in her garden. Constantly hunched over to tend to her pride and joy, her yard thrives and is beautiful to look at.

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Standing outside her quaint house, it always smells wonderful, for she can be found baking her personal recipe (chocolate chip cookies) at least once a day.

Grandma B is a favorite for the neighborhood children, for she has countless life stories to share, lots of food to pick from her garden, and a cozy house with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to accompany everything.

Although she’s approaching the top of the age scale, Grandma B is a cute, lively woman who is a joyful addition to the neighborhood.


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