The Jinx Justices

As most of the world may know by now, Robert Durst has recently been caught and is in custody for the murder of Susan Berman, his friend, in 2000.

His admitting to this crime came to surface during Durst’s six part documentary seriesĀ The Jinx on HBO.

This happened when Durst was still attached to a microphone, and during a bathroom break, muttered under his breath that he “killed them all.”

A little disturbing? Yes.

Durst had been interrogated many times about his friend, Ms. Berman’s, death. He had not once admitted to any participation in her murder. After holding in such a serious secret for 15 years, it appears that it had been taking a toll.

If you watch the documentary series, during his final interview, Durst has a physiological reaction, uncontrollable burping and muttering nonsense under his breath.

His reaction to the questions asked in the documentary obviously shows how psychologically disturbed Durst is, as his odd behavior increases to a max, he finally admits to the murders… thinking he was all to himself.

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