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Time Out

People wonder why teenagers get sick so often, and I think I have found the answer. We are constantly being run into the ground, overwhelmed with task after task. I will use myself as an example. I go to school, … Continue reading

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Does the coming of a break bring the mindset of exhaustion, or does exhaustion signal the need for a break? Two weeks before break, I feel my body shutting down and the traditional sick feeling beginning in the lower ridges … Continue reading

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Grade Gratuity

Are grades worthy of cash rewards? Growing up, there were always those kids who were bribed by their parents to get good grades. Depending on their situation – financially and academically – different arrangements were made. I think the luckiest I … Continue reading

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Cop or Not

A man from Texas, really in need of his fast-food, posed as a police officer in order to skip to the front of the line in the drive-thru. Almost taking after the imitation police in the movie “Let’s Be Cops,” this man cleverly beat … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Action!

Most people go through life at a normal rate, but some people are simply born ready to go. Annabelle Ridgeway, a Philadelphian who, at age four is already a master in determination, fits this category. With nothing on her mind but … Continue reading

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Brain or Body?

When we think of ourselves, we take in our bodies as a whole – physical limbs as well as thoughts. However in reality, we are just a brain. Every thought and emotion comes from, or simply is our brain. And … Continue reading

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Pink Poultry

A recent mystery has materialized in Portland, Oregon – pink chickens have been spotted wandering around the city. Many Portlanders have stopped to take pictures with the birds, or at least paused to puzzle the abnormal sights, but until recently, nothing was … Continue reading

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