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Courageous or Crazy?

The all too well-known BRCA1 gene is a genetic mutation generally found in women that causes breast cancer. Breast cancer will affect 12% of the women population in the world, making it one of the most common forms of cancer, alongside … Continue reading

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Piano Keys

The soft pangs of the notes filled the air, swirling up from the grand piano all the way around the curving stairs and straight to the top of the high ceiling of the hallway. The girl sitting on the black … Continue reading

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The week leading up to the end of the quarter is stress-inducing for all Ojai Valley School students. In order to accurately evaluate each student, teachers are assigning copious amounts of homework, including big projects with a high point value to … Continue reading

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The Jinx Justices

As most of the world may know by now, Robert Durst has recently been caught and is in custody for the murder of Susan Berman, his friend, in 2000. His admitting to this crime came to surface during Durst’s six … Continue reading

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The Spiders Rise pt. 2

Parts of the following blog are fictional accounts. Tuesday I’m always the first one back from breakfast, so the dorms are quiet and still. Halfway down the hallway, a drawing of a cartoon spider flutters to my feet from it’s … Continue reading

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Loving Your Life

What is life, anyway?  I have struggled far too long with realizing why we are here on this planet. But recently, I have finally understood what I believe to be the purpose of life. We are all here for different … Continue reading

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The Countdown to Summer

I’m ever so patiently waiting for long summer days, and even longer summer nights. I would always rather be at the beach, but that urge is actually attainable during my favorite three months of the year. The way the warm … Continue reading

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