Cop or Not

A man from Texas, really in need of his fast-food, posed as a police officer in order to skip to the front of the line in the drive-thru.

Almost taking after the imitation police in the movie “Let’s Be Cops,” this man cleverly beat the law, and managed to do so while pretending to be the law.

The convicted man’s car was decked out with illegal lights and sirens but looked like a normal car. However, bystanders thought it to just be an undercover cop car.

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After the release of “Let’s Be Cops,” one can only wonder how many similar incidents have occurred – either because of the movie, or simply coincidentally.

Directly relating to this event, one can still wonder whether this man decided he wanted to try to pull off the feats in the movie, or if the circumstances just happen to relate.

Either way, the man wanted his food, and he wanted it fast.