Successful or Sell Out?

Image Credit: Variety

Earlier this week, it was reported that YouTuber and filmmaker, Casey Neistat, has sold his app, Beme, to CNN for $25 million. This news came just weeks after Neistat announced to his over 5 million YouTube subscribers that he’s ending the daily vlogs that have made him famous.

Many people are accusing Neistat of being a sell out. But in reality, Neistat is making a smart career decision. Neistat ended his daily vlogs because they weren’t challenging him creatively. In the video where he announces the end of his vlogging, he explicitly states that doing the daily vlogs became boring for him – he knew the formula for an interesting vlog, and was not challenged daily.

Neistat selling Beme to CNN is a career move. He and the handful of people on his team will now have all of the opportunities that a power company like CNN can offer, and CNN will now have access to a team of hugely successful creators.

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