Can You Please Stop

Stop coming back into my life.

Whenever I forget about you, someone has to tell me about you

or I see you and it seems like some of the feelings never left.

Stop reminding me of the little things I loved about you.

Stop standing in a way where I can see that freckle on your left cheek.

Stop talking to me.

Stop asking me how things are.

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I can’t just talk to you.

When I do, it reminds me of everything I tried so hard to forget.

I have to fight back grabbing your face and wanting to be wrapped in your arms.

Whenever I see your arms, the only thing I can think of is being wrapped in them

Talking to you reminds me of the things I can never have again,

like you.

I know I am not the one for you, nor will I ever be, so can you please stop?

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