Ghetto party

I’m very excited to be back in my element this weekend. Me originally being from the ghetto, hood, mud, etc. It can be rough for the realest person from these types of areas to come up to communities such as these and fit in. However, spring break has allowed me to return to the hood and have fun. I will also be able to see one of my favorite rappers this weekend, he goes by the name R3dachilliman. He’s made songs like Blamp Camp, Woc Pint Freestyle, and Ice. Im planning on taking my friends from the suburbs to let them see what a real party is like. However, it can be dangerous at these parties so you need to act right and be in check, therefore I will be putting my friends in training the day before. This training will consist of how to act if someone comes up to you and says “Where you from”, or if someone yells at you from across the street “Lemme holla at you real quick!” These will just be a few of the things I will be training them for, but it will be fun!

photo by me

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