my favorite food to make

I started trying to cook all the saved recipes I had on my phone last year, and it’s been a lot of fun and a huge success so far. I have a mason jar of all these recipes I’ve done so far, and some nights I’ll draw one at random and make it I love it. In my opinion, these are the two tastiest and easiest

shallot bread: this is a garlic bread I make on an Italian round loaf with cooked shallots and garlic, mixed with miso (the best part) to make this paste I put over the bread. Then you put some parmesan on top or whatever and cook it and have that all melt then add some fresh parsley on top. This bread is dangerously good, once I start eating it I won’t stop.

pasta: for this pasta, I just mince onions and garlic, cut some tomatoes-wait for them to caramelize, then mix it all with olive oil and tomato paste to make the sauce pretty much. Then add a little butter and heavy cream, sprinkle some mozzarella and parmesan, I like to use penne noodles, and boom! The best pasta in the world. It does make you a little gassy though

pc: me