Today my friend and I were planning on going to see The Town. You know, that flick where nuns throw grenades and for once, Ben Affleck isn’t terrible. I saw this movie with my parents and this time, I wanted to see it with my buddy. Now my friend is 16, and thanks to super fine small print, i can only get him in with me if I’m 21. This was much to my dismay indeed, so after arguing with the clerk and not wanting to run into OVS kids on the Promenade, we tentatively decided to see DEVIL by M. Night Shyamalan.

Now, we realized that this was a PG-13 horror flick which basically meant it was a “P word” movie to us teenagers, and it was from a director who has been on the decline ever since THE 6th SENSE. The movie was a thriller about how Satan supposedly takes human form to punish the damned before taking their souls. This was something that we understood from the narrative and didn’t feel the need for the small spanish security guard to mention over and over again. We get it, the Devil is something that isn’t to be messed with, but when mentioned too much, it becomes a dry and useless redundancy.

The story was interesting and consuming during the beginning and as it made it’s way into the middle, not because of any plot, but because the movie was trippy as hell and the effects were awesome. Mix in the terror factor and we have ourselves a decent horror flick.

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