Cult classic. Directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. Named “The 100 Greatest Movies of all Time’ by Entertainment Weekly. It’s Psycho.

This movie is in my personal top 3 favorites. It’s also a pretty recent discovery for myself. It was a cold, rainy sad day. I was ill and spent the whole day at home, watching TV. After hours and hours of watching “Friends” and “Masterchef”, I decided to watch something actually meaningful. I wasn’t going into “Psycho” with much expectation, actually, I barely had any. I could never imagine that a black and white picture from the 60’s was going to scare me more than “Insidious” or “Conjuring.”

Also, before watching I somewhat knew the plot. I think almost everyone knows the famous shower murder scene from the movie, just from it being parodied in pop culture a lot. I couldn’t imagine that two hours later I would need to turn on the lights in the room because I’d get so scared.

The story is simple. Marion Crane, an office worker, steals $40,000 from a bank and leaves town to start a new life. Exhausted after a long drive, she gets caught in a late night storm. To shelter herself, she checks into The Bates Motel. The motel is run by an awkward, young man called Norman who lives with his mother next door.

Psycho is a real mind teaser, a murder mystery if you will. It’s full of suspense and paranoia. The black and white actually perfectly matches the mood of the movie. It’s raw, unnerving and gripping. Tense and horrific, it will haunt you for weeks. Psycho IMDBRotten Tomatoes Score


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Many teenage boys are absolutely enthralled by cars.  Car that go really fast or cars that can go over almost any terrain. Most boys have a fetish towards one or the other.  Me personally, well I drive a classic.

Now when I say classic I really don’t mean a true classic but rather my way of making me feel better about my “ride.”  I drive a blue 2010 Dodge Caliber.  Just to clear it up, I love my car, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to agree with me.

In December, Dodge discontinued the production of the Caliber.  Well I took this as extraordinary news because that meant that there was now a finite number of people in the world with the same car as mine and therefore made it limited.  On top of that, with the rate at which they break down, I estimate in ten years I will be one of the last owners of an iconic American hatchback.  Therefore it will be a classic.

Now all this is assuming my car does not break down, explode, implode, catch fire, or any other nature of destruction.