no electricity no life

The electricity was off for a short time today.

Probably it’s because of the weather, it was raining so hard since last night.

That is when I realized how important the electricity is to me and how much I depend on it.

The answer is: I can barely live without it.

Hmmm… that’s weird, the electricity is not absolutely necessary for humans to live with, unlike water and oxygen. But why do we need it so bad just like we need water and oxygen?

I guess it is because we can do a lot of things with electricity, such as use the lights, the heater, and so on. The most important thing is it can make our electronic products work, and they are really “essentials” for us.

But right now,

I really want to print my papers out, but I can’t, and I can do nothing about it but wait.

That is why I am sitting here and writing this blog for this week.


Power Lines vs. Ravens

What is electricity?

Does it give humans solace in the middle of the night?

Does it allow for the advancement of mankind?

Does it allow lost things to be found?

Does it illuminate homes?

Does it illuminate streets?

Does it illuminate towns?




It does none of these things.

The only things it does is provide hope to a failing team.

Cruise Gone Wrong: Almost 4,500 Stranded

Cruise Ship

This Wednesday night, a Carnival cruise ship will be expected to pull into a Mexican port in Ensenada, allowing its thousands of passengers access to electricity. An engine fire had broken out on Monday.

Fortunately, none of its 3,299 passengers and 1,167 crew members were injured in putting the fire out. However, electricity, air conditioning, heated water, and phone service were down due to the fire.

The U.S. Coast Guard is in the process of bringing the immobile ship to the port in Mexico and has deployed aircrafts, ships, and alerted the U.S. and Mexican Navy.

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