People always try to change in certain ways they want, and despite the people who actually achieve it, most of the people fail to do so.

This trivial factor would eventually categorize us in society. Of course there are other factors that might’ve affected the result, but based on the fact that we started from zero, people who strive tend to prosper, which is common knowledge.

We know this fact so well that there are so many films, speeches, books, and etc.

However, a lot of people fail to do so, because we do not change that easily.

Habits are really hard to change, because a habit is a pattern of our life that we’ve been doing constantly.

Some people have habits that would help them achieve their goals, and some have habits that would distract them from their goals.

In order to start a routine for your goal, you need to be persistent for good amount of time and remove all the factors that would distract you from doing so.

Persistency is crucial for you to change, which is an ability that I did not really acquire. However, I will try my best to do so.

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Nasty Habits.


We all have nasty habits that are tough to change. Either we are unwilling to give them up or it’s impossible to stop. When people comment, you commit to changing and begin to take steps to prevent future incident, but this mind set lasts maybe a day and then the common cycle kicks in and you revert back to your old ways.

Sometimes the words of others don’t mean anything and you don’t want to change. Sometimes you need something more like maybe an ultimatum. For me it was someone who owned the same bad habit that has made me stop. Well at least attempt to for good.

Tonight I hand prepared a meal of Spaghetti Bolognese for my family and I. I slaved over it and put all of my heart and soul into it, just for it to gobbled up in 2 minutes by my auntie. Finding this extremely disrespectful I realized I am very similar in my speedy habits, just not to the extreme.

Luckily for me I had this realization when she first arrived, a month ago making me slow down significantly. Tonight just emphasized the terrible habit I own, keeping me on track to successfully changing.

Looking at a mirror of your disgusting behaviors is extremely helpful but not everyone is as lucky as me to have this opportunity. So next times you commit the crime just think of someone doing the same habit in front of you. How do you feel?