Honestly, (ha), I don’t understand some people’s logic/morals anymore.

It’s as if honesty is not even a common thing anymore.

There are lies as simple as “that was my last piece of gum”, and then there are much, much more complicated lies.

I know that sometimes, a little white lie is necessary and harmless. But, where is that line between little lies and big lies?

I believe that people have forgotten that honesty is EASY. I mean, it really is.

And, being honest more often seems to lead to less mishaps in the first place that may seem to require lies later on.

I know everyone who has ever walked this earth has most likely been hurt by a lie that didn’t need to be told.

Honesty is the most important quality in a person, in my opinion. So, as of today, I am making a promise with myself to be honest about anything to anyone.

People need to realize this, and do the same… They really do.