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A Letter to Past Generations

Dear people of the past, I am one person out of millions. I may be small, but my voice will not be silenced. We will no longer be silenced by beliefs made centuries ago. We will not be silenced by beliefs that … Continue reading

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A Montage

I suppose this is the end. My last blog. The last post I write, and the last one I publish. The last piece of writing I do for Ojai Valley School – the place that has taught me how to … Continue reading

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Last. Blog. Ever.

Tonight, I am writing my last blog for the Ojai Valley School Journalism class. I have has such an incredible experience here at OVS, and a part of that was being involved in this class. Being given the opportunity to express my … Continue reading

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Journalism Competition

Monday, March 30th, OVS’ Journalism class took a trip down to Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks for a Journalism competition. I have only been in Journalism for a little over three months now, so this is still all very … Continue reading

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The Importance of Accuracy in Journalism

Accuracy is the most important factor in a piece. All stories should be double checked for facts, sources and quotes in order for them to be believable. Journalists strive for factual stories. Here are some examples of some mistakes: 1- … Continue reading

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Never Fixed

In Journalism class, we watched Shattered Glass. Or most of it, anyways. I was having a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day, so it heightened the suckage of the movie for me. Well, it wasn’t a bad movie really. … Continue reading

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A Week to Remember

Well, this week has been just incredible. I have faced a TON of success this week. The big day was Thursday, where I not only received a strong SAT score but also won 1st place in the sports writing category … Continue reading

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