She Said No

She said no.

He wasn’t deaf.

He didn’t have headphones in.

His ears weren’t turned off.

He could hear,

But he wasn’t listening.

She said no.

He isn’t three.

He has a brain.

He understands when something has gone too far.

He has compassion,

But he doesn’t have guilt.

She said no.

He doesn’t speak alien.

He comes from the Earth.

He had feelings for her,

But he didn’t love her.

She said no.

She said it quietly.

She struggled and pushed.

She shook her head.

She pushed him away.

She said no.

She wanted to break free from his grasp.

She wanted to terminate the unwanted kisses.

She wanted to stop his reign of terror,

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She wanted to have her right to walk away.

She said no.

She yelled and cried.

She kicked and screamed.

He saw this,

But decided to say yes for the both of them.

She said no.

No means no.

He knew that,

But he didn’t know that

He had left a girl.

A poor girl with a life-long nightmare.

All because he didn’t let her go,

He didn’t let her say no.