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last night, i cried so hard that my ears hurt. today, i woke up with my throat screaming, too dry to open my mouth and let air in. my pillows were still wet, my eyes still puffy. when i plopped … Continue reading

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red hoods

I. you remember me as a pensive, emotional soul. you remember the intricate, twisty inner-workings of my mind. you were always “there” for me when i needed you. that’s why it took me so long. maybe i was so used … Continue reading

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A Big, Calming Hug

It happens in an instant, the moment they become distant. Each memory merely a snapshot, frozen in your mind. Smile for the picture, a big, calming hug goodbye, no more little tears left to cry. Now there are only real … Continue reading

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Man of Fury

I am a man of fire and fury I leave a wake of destruction and fire in my path As I cross oceans they become steam. Deserts become mountain ranges of glass in my wake. I walk through cities and … Continue reading

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