Through the Wall

I recently wrote a poem for OVS‘s love poetry competition. While I didn’t win, I was pretty proud of what I wrote. I realize that this is more of a short story than a poem but I spoke from the heart. Whenever people read something, they always question who or what it’s about. This is simply a story about forbidden love. Read and interpret for yourselves.

She was the one he could never quite reach.

There was always some barrier keeping them apart.

He didn’t understand why.

The wall was solid.

He knew she was on the other side.

It was all that was ever on his mind.

How everyday, he’d try.

Just to be next to her.

And he’d try

And try.

And try.

You would think that constant failure would render him helpless.

But his love for her wouldn’t let him stop.

Then one day, one lone hole emerged in the wall.

He could see the light.

She was beautiful.

He had never seen anything like her.

He needed to be with her.

He was in love.

And there was no way out.

As one wall was falling

a new wall was forming

He realized that as his desire for her burned inside,

he was trapped.

He was never getting away from his love.

Her radiance shown as if she truly was an angel.

Infatuation, obsession, affection,

He felt helpless without her.

As he fell harder and harder, the wall began to crumble away.

The wall sheltering him from escape was now impassable.

He could see her face.

And she looked on him with bright eyes

The two never looking away

She smiled at him

And he smiled back

He saw his chance, and tried to reduce the rest of the wall to rubble.

Taking any opportunity to make her realize

He loved her

Piece by piece

Brick by brick

He pushed through

And he held her

And she him

They were finally together

After so much determination

His efforts to make her realize

How he really felt

And she was beautiful

He was not blinded by his addiction

She was flawless in nature

Her entire being was bright

Her eyes, stars that envied the night sky

Her smile, the only thing that made him happy

Her voice, sweeter and softer than the sounds of the most glorious choirs

Her heart, only for him

Her touch, made him hope that she’d never take her hand away

She refused to accept it at first

But somehow

He knew that she did

And somehow

She knew that she loved him.

The wall between them had fallen.

And a new wall surrounded them.

But they were together

And that’s all he ever wanted.

Missing Piece

Ever feel like you’ve lost something that you simply can’t ever replace or recover?

Not something really, someone. Losing someone that close that knew so much and wanted a better human being instead of a monster.

One who rather be feared and respected than loved. What kind of animal is this? This maniac never evolved fully. A heart and soul were left undeveloped from the vessel that wreaks havoc on all those who care. Pushing away, more interested in achieving his desired power than achieving relationships with those that wanted to be there.

Denial was never the answer for him. Hiding in the shadows, he tried to hide himself from everyone because he couldn’t stand causing the hurt anymore. The pain he forced upon himself and the world around him was unorthodox. Everything and everyone that he thought he loved was all a lie. He wasn’t capable of love or allowing people to love him. He wanted to learn, but didn’t know how. His power was declining.

Is there more than just raw power? Is there emotion in this cold life he lives? Is there any way to achieve happiness?

What an outrageous concept. He so greatly craves love. But he can’t feel it. He had it.

But she was always his missing piece. She never saw what he did. She was incredible to him and he loved her. But when the missing piece fell to the floor, she dragged his heart with her, never allowing love again.

As much as he wants to hate her, he can’t. He still loves his missing piece.

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Little Dragon.

Little Dragon.

Enjoy laying in bed, relaxing on the sofa or chilling outside on a warm night? I have the perfect music for you and it comes in the form of Little Dragon.

Little Dragon is an electronic band from Sweden. Immediately you hear electronic and think how can this be relaxing in any way. For those who think that, not all electronic is crazy club, beat filled music. Being classified as electronic means that a band uses synths and other electronic equipment in some form in their music.

The band came together in 1996 releasing two albums since they formed, Little dragon in 2007, Machine Dreams in 2009 and then Ritual Unions last year.

Since coming together the four-man group has gained lots of support from indie lovers across the globe. They also have produced songs with famous groups such as the Gorillaz.

Little Dragon blend different music sounds together to create calm, cool and relaxing rhythms.  Throughout their albums they sample different genres, drawing from sounds of soul and pop and jazz and blending them with the smooth vocals of lead singer, Yukimi Nagano.

This band produces lively but relaxing music that is perfect for any evening, so give them a listen.

Plan B.

Plan B

Yes Plan B may be a name for the morning after pill but is also the name of a great and talented young rapper.

Plan B or Benjamin Drew is a 23 year old rapper, singer and song writer as well as actor from Great Britain. A talented man, Plan B has had two debut albums, gaining great success with the help of his adoring fans in the last few years.

Plan B is primarily known for his high pitched, soulful voice and strong powerful lyrics. A man who lived a rough and troubling childhood, he is not a person who holds back when talking about his abandoning father or his feelings of being a social outcast.

Plan B released his first album in 2006 “ Who Needs Actions When You Got Words” and then went on to release “The Defamation of Strickland Banks” in 2010 which went straight to number 1 in the UK Charts.

With the release of his second album Plan B’s success really began to peak. With people singing his songs on street corners, playing them in bars and clubs as well as shops he became quickly known. This success only grew after he reached out to a new crowd with his collaborations with Drum and Bass stars Chase & Status.

He is a rapper that is absurdly easy to relate to and likable. He does not try to put on a front to conform with other hip hop artists, instead he stays true to himself and that is why I like him so much.

So if you’re not usually a big hip hop fan but fancy listening to some soulful, rap, indie rock, give Plan B a listen.

What Holds Me Together

High above, amongst the stars,

God checked his watch,

and realized it was time.

Time to make a story,

my story,


He wove together a string of trinkets,

some rusty,

some silver,

some gold,

and some of precious stones.

Of those trinkets,

there were many places.

Houses and apartments,


and condominiums.

Restaurants, schools, corners and alleys.

There was a bit of Mexico.

Koreatown, too.

Some wormy grass,

and golf courses where the deer roamed at night.

And of course,

tied closely to these homes,

was my mother’s cooking,

my father’s laughter,

my sister’s pranks.

And there were my fears.

My anxieties,

all intertwined with my passions,

my soul,

and whatever else that stirs me and moves me and lifts me..

My friends and enemies,

my lovers and ex-boyfriends.

Teachers, mentors, coaches, neighbors.

Mailmen, taxi drivers, pilots, a Marine.

There was much joy.


there were also tears and hardship,

loneliness and strife.

Yelling and screaming,

punching and throwing.

The threads mangled and fried.

But soon enough,

God, with his knowing hands,

his fingers so gentle,

created a piece.

And those loose threads,

they all straighten out to create

one magnificent picture.

One that is unique.

One that is me.