I got my braces off

I recently got my braces removed and it’s a very cool feeling.

Having my braces off is awesome! I can eat things I haven’t been able to eat in a very long time; such as caramel corn, chewing bubble gum, and dry scooping my pre-workout without having it get stuck in my braces.

Having my braces does however come at a price. I need to wear a retainer for 24 hours a day for the next week, which suuuuuuucks.

But wearing a retain vs wearing braces; I’d rather wear the retainer.

One thing I am really excited about having no braces is smiling more. For a while, I would be hesitant to smile in photos, school pictures, actually in general. Now that I have my braces off I am pumped for my senior portraits and upcoming photo ops.

Having my braces off is best! Too bad I get classes next week.

Getting Your Braces Off? Here's What to Expect! - College Drive Dental  Associates

Photo from collegedrivedental.com

Is your Toothbrush Killing our Future Generations?

There is no perfect toothbrush, but some choices are better than others. Plastic toothbrushes take over 400 years to decompose… They end up in landfills and release toxic chemicals into the air resulting in harsh damage to the environment. In addition to getting washed away into the ocean, the toothbrush is endangering marine life and contaminating our food. 

After seeing this piece of art made by an African artist, it was really eye-opening. Africa has a huge trash pollution issue, along with the rest of the world… This art piece is a commentary on plastic pollution. 

Knowing that every plastic toothbrush impacts the environment and that one billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States alone, creating 50 million pounds of waste- what can we do?

Bamboo Toothbrushes: bamboo is biodegradable. (bristles are not biodegradable) 

If bamboo toothbrushes end up in the trash, they aren’t significantly more environmentally friendly than plastic… but if you compost the handles of bamboo toothbrushes by first remove the nylon bristles with pliers then composting the handles… it makes a huge difference. Plus it is really beneficial for our environment. 

Then there are the toothbrushes that are recycled and/or recyclable:  Some options I love:

Bogobrush (bogobrush.com) 

Bogobrush is a Company that makes its brushes from compostable bioplastic using leftover plant material from American farms.

Or consider (preserve.eco) Toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt containers which are easily accessible online or in local stores Ojai: Being in Westridge and Rainbow Bridge. Also if you mail your old toothbrushes, not only will they be recycled into new products, but you will also receive a coupon for their online store. 

After using these types of recycled toothbrushes another option to help continue supporting the recycling market is by sending them to organizations such as Gimme 5 drop-off/mail-in program. Whole Foods And other companies have Gimme 5 bins located in their stores. You can just look up ones near you. 

Note: *Buying recycled stuff when we need to buy new products is the smartest move.*

So now you know the best eco friendly toothbrushes on the market: what do we do with our old ones?

Three months of brushing your teeth is not worth 400 years in the landfills. So an option would be to reuse your toothbrush in different ways until you switch to an eco-friendly toothbrush: 

You could easily label your toothbrushes for their different uses around the house: Here are a few options:

-Cleaning Household Items

-Remove dirt from shoes/Soccer cleats!

-Fingernail brushing

-Deep clean your desk/Clean beauty supplies

-Spot-treat stains on clothes

-Clean Your Hairbrush out 

-Brush Your Eyebrows

These are just some out of hundreds of household uses…

Best of luck on your zero-waste journey! It can be difficult sometimes but if you put in the effort, it’s well worth it. In the meantime, I wish you fresh breath and zero cavities.

Rabbit Birds

The new addition to the habitats brought gobs of campers, all of them swarming around one single enclosure and squealing, yes, even the guys, “awwwwwww.”

About six baby bunnies had been born, and them and their mother “Waffles” were sharing a habitat with some frisky Indian Ringneck Parakeets. Most of the parakeets were friendly and would allow to stroking and feeding, while some others preferred to stay away.

The friendliest parakeets were the most troublesome. One particular parakeet liked to peck at my bracelets, the jewels on my shirt, my necklace, and on occasion, even my teeth. “The like to eat the plaque on your teeth,” I was told.


I preferred to play with the birds than the baby bunnies. Sure the bunnies were cute and all but they didn’t do much but sit on your lap and sleep. A lot of the times I was in the enclosure with my partner, he would sit on the ground and play with the bunnies. I liked to put birds on his head, and often times he wouldn’t notice until the bird hopped onto his shoulder.

The biggest, meanest bird in the enclosure was King Tut, an Alexandrine Ringneck Parakeet. Ok, he wasn’t really mean per say but he wouldn’t stand for petting whatsoever. He did like to be hand-fed bird treats, which look remarkably like human cereal.

The treats come in a variety of colours and shapes, and I believed King Tut’s was the yellow banana-shaped one. Louie preferred the smaller, rounder ones while Dewy liked any and all of them.

Or maybe it was the other way around.

I would have one parakeet on each shoulder and feed them treats one at a time. When I went to feed one bird the other would get annoyed and peck at my ear. When I went to feed him the other bird would pull at my hair. They were like little children with sharp beaks and small talons. I would leave the class with crunched up bird treats littering my shoulders.

I had always loved birds but I had never really considered having a pet bird until I spent a week with those annoying little parakeets. It’s a shame my school doesn’t allow pets.

Man Tattoos Faces of Royal Couple on Two Front Teeth

Of course by now we most likely all now about the infamous wedding between England’s Prince William and his lovely wife Kate Middleton.

And although I was accustomed to the minute-to-minute news updates of what she is wearing or the exact words he said to her on their wedding day, I was surprised to discover articles discussing crazed fans of the couples and their somewhat odd actions to express this.

One man, a 29-year-old British plumber who goes by the name of Barmy Baz Franks, recently paid over 1,500 dollars in order to spend six hours at his dentists office.

And rather than getting his teeth pulled, or having those dreaded cavities filled in, Franks was instead watching his dentist place temporary ivory art onto his teeth, creating pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William with dentistry brushes and stencils.

“I’ve done some unusual dental cosmetics in my time, but this was certainly one of the strangest,” said his dentist, Dr. Neil Gerrard.

Unfortunately, this man has gotten much ridicule for this tattoo as people exclaimed it looks more like something stuck on his teeth than any sort of art.

However, Franks claimed that he only got the tattoo in order to support the couple on their royal wedding.

“I love the family, and this was my way of lending my support to their big day,” said Franks.

Although he may be a little bit too obsessed in some people’s opinions, just remember that this art does wash off in a matter of three months, and hey, I bet you the Prince and Princess will most likely hear about this one!