shh…promise not to tell!

Woah. Two years.

Sounds like a long time.It is a long time. But I don’t know why, it doesn’t feel like a long time. Time doesn’t exist or really matter when I am with him.

Two years ago, on the 29th of this month, a much younger, braces-clad me was asked out by my current boyfriend. We both have grown so much since that day and learned so much about each other. Tomorrow, 24 hours from today, we will be hitting our 2 year milestone.

This is a big deal; neither one of us have been in a relationship this long and with the impending graduation coming closer each day, I want to make sure that tomorrow will be a special day, a memorable day that he can look back on after he walks the cobblestone stage.

I plan on making him a scavenger hunt. A series of six clues that lead him to me. I will tell him that I can’t see him because I am busy studying for the upcoming AP’s and that I am so sorry that I can’t see him on our anniversary. Then, his friends will make sure he doesn’t eat dinner or leave the vicinity of his room. He will find his first clue which will come with a rice krispies treat that I made in the shape of a letter. After finding all the clues, the rice krispies will reveal my location and he will meet me there to find a dinner made from scratch!

It’s not much, just a few pieces of paper and time spent putting a few ingredients together. But they say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If he likes it, then that’ll be the best thing!


Nasty Habit!

Old habits are hard to break-even the nasty ones.

I bite my nails. I have periods when I break the habit, but during times of anxiety and pressure, I assuage my nerves with a dose of nail biting.

It’s gross, I know, but strangely stress relieving. Weird. Funny thing is, I hate looking at other people biting their own nails!

I had stopped the habit sometime last week but with the SAT just yesterday, I began to bite. I’m still biting because it’s very hard to stop once I’ve begun but I will try in order to let them grow and look prim for prom!

I don’t suppose I will be able to completely put an end to the habit until I get into colleges next year. Until then, I will battle the habit, temporarily stopping just to go back to biting again.

To Tailor or Not to Tailor

I am writing this blog about a situation.

Let me tell you, I am stuck. I’ve been stuck and I don’t know where to go with this situation.

I am writing this blog about a situation. A situation that involves an upcoming event. The situation.


I’ve found a dress. A perfect dress studded with black sequins. Long sleeve, high, padded shoulders, v-neck. The French Connection Samantha Dress. However, this dress is sold out in America. It is gone. I emailed French Connection and they replied to me, giving me a phone number to a store on the east coast that they thought would have the dress in stock. They didn’t.

I’ve emailed and emailed but still I have not received a single reply. I have found the dress at a size 8 (but I am a size 2 or 4). Should I buy the dress and tailor it? Or should I buy it off of the UK site in my size for 3 times as much?