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cracked rose-colored glasses

what happens to a garden that remains unkept? the flowers start wilting, their petals falling into the dry, crackling dirt. the resilient weeds start sprouting, entangling their way around the stems of the dying blooms. that old rose bush that … Continue reading

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One of my favorite things in the world is skincare. Maybe not the most deep or expected of passions but know you know. While I may not have the best skin, I do really love washing and moisturizing my face, … Continue reading

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Dear My Long Lost Mother

Dear Mother, The memory of you fades more and more each day I grow older. What I remember is the crashing waves against the sandy coast lines of Malibu. The wind blowing into my hair from the rolled down windows. … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Personal Growth #2

The first blog post I ever wrote was in 2017, titled Suggestions for Personal Growth. So, I think it is fitting that my first post of 2018 be a sequel to that letter. A follow-up letter to my current and … Continue reading

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Dear Netflix

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE, EATING DISORDERS Dear Netflix, Please stop making shows/ movies about mental illness willy-nilly. Coming from a girl with clinical depression and anxiety, your depictions never get it right. I’m a sucker for any entertainment, especially your notoriously … Continue reading

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falling in love is like learning to drive. at first, you stop too often, jumpy, and look left and right  left and right  left and right before easing your way into the intersection. you make your first turn; you drive … Continue reading

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Book smart

Growing up, I was never good at sports, or at least that’s what I thought. It’s not that I had a pronounced lack of capability, just that I never thought I should be able to take sports seriously. In my … Continue reading

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