The Old Times.

I miss the old times, I miss my friends and most importantly I miss the life I used to lead. Don’t get me wrong. After reluctantly immigrating to the United States I have become a better person. But I still can’t fight the yearning feeling that greets me everyday to return home.

At first I refused to move to the U.S but after realizing the only option was to live with my restrictive grandparents I decided to move to California on a trial basis. I wanted my friends, I wanted my family but I also wanted a life.

“Do you know your making my life hell, why do you want to ruin everything?” These were accusations I threw at my parents on a daily basis after they told me I had to join them in the move. Believing I needed parental figures and boundaries they refused to leave me thinking that I would “spiral out of control,” consequently getting no where with my life. The concept was unbearable to me, why did everything have to change?

Repeatedly my parents would say “we’re doing what we think is best for you” but to me that was no consolation. I was leaving school, I could now decide what college I wanted to go to, and what subjects I wanted to do,  yet there was one thing I couldn’t change. Moving to America.

I can’t even begin to describe my last summer with my friends. Our time spent together was some of the best moments in my life and will always be ingrained in my memory.

Listening to the radio this morning I heard Two Door Cinema “What you know” an anthem me and my best friend shared.  I couldn’t help but wonder where I’d be now if I had stayed and who I’d be.


2 thoughts on “The Old Times.

  1. I’m sorry that you are homesick. But, on behalf of the OVS community, let me just say how glad I am that you are here.

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