Increasing Age of Doctors Leads Patients To Worry

Many people say that age doesn’t matter.

However, when it comes to the person whose each action determines whether the heart machine continues its regular beats or straight lines, age may definitely come into consideration.

Doctors around the world are aging and simultaneously staying in their professions, reluctant to retire due to their increasing financial pressures.

People began to worry about this situation 8 years ago, the year a 78-year-old vascular surgeon operated on a woman who was left with a pulmonary embolism. The doctor was unresponsive to the nurses urgent calls, and as a result, the woman was left to die.

The surgeon continued his job, unchanged by this incident.

Four years later, after the hospital workers had previously reported the doctor to the Medical Board of California, the physician was asked to take a competency assessment at the University of California, San Diego.

The results were both frightening and unexpected.

“We did a neuropsychological exam, and it was very abnormal,” said the director of the UCSD’s physician assessment program, Dr. William Norcross. “This surgeon had visual-spatial abnormalities, could not do fine motor movements, could not retain information, and his verbal I.Q. was much lower than you’d expect.”

The surgeon was then forced to surrender his medical license.

Unfortunately, these stories are likely to become more common as one-third of the nation’s physicians are reaching their high 60’s.

And although with age surely comes wisdom, a doctor’s intelligence surely does not shield them from aging’s unfortunate pains and diseases.

A 2006 study discovered that in complicated surgical operations, a higher rate of patient deaths is seen under the care of physicians over 60 years of age.

In addition, experts warn that there are not enough protective measures in order to prevent patients from being seen by a physician who should no longer be practicing.

Today, organizations including the National Patient Safety Foundation are dedicated to creating regular cognitive and physical screenings once a physician reaches their late sixties. Several hospitals have already inducted these measures, those opposition from “rank-and-file doctors” has seemed inevitable.

“I do not believe that diminished competence attributable solely to age is a significant factor in the underperformance of most poor-performing physicians,” said Mayo Clinic‘s professor of laboratory medicine Dr. Henry Homburger, 64.

Although this topic may continue its long going debate, most of the public can surely agree that a high risk operation must be performed by only a healthy, efficient surgeon.

We may only hope that money may not stand in the way of people’s well-being, and medicine may once again return to a field of dedicated, proud physicians.



Young Americans Today Blur Lines Between Races

When taking the SAT’s one too many times, I became quite acquainted with the “Personal Information” section. There was of course the required date of birth, social security number (if known), and home address. Common sense was all it took to answer these questions. However, there was one question that I realized most every person in the room would be tediously drawing in at least more than one circle for.

“Identify your race.”

It seems easy to distinguish Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians. Though with current college students consisting of the largest group of mixed-race people in the United States, it seems increased immigration and interracial marriages have blurred the once easily distinguished line between races.

According to data by the Pew Research Center conducted in 2008-2009, one in seven new marriages is interracial. Today, “mixed race” Americans are stated to be one of the most rapidly growing demographic groups in the United States, as stated by The New York Time’s article “Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above,” and the trend is still increasing.

Coming a long way from the years of segregated drinking fountains, young adults today are rejoicing in their mixed backgrounds.

“I think it’s really important to acknowledge who you are and everything that makes you that,” said Ms. Wood, a 19-year-old University of Maryland student and vice president of the college’s Multiracial and Biracial Student Association. “If someone tries to call me black I say, ‘yes — and white.’ People have the right not to acknowledge everything, but don’t do it because society tells you that you can’t.”

Arizona Prison Escapee Attempts to End Life Through Bear Attack

What do a convicted killer from Arizona Prison and a bear from Yellowstone National Park have in common?

This story will lead you to one of the most ill-planned suicide attempts.

An escape from the Arizona prison, Tracy Province, joined the nature at Yellow National Park to allow bears to devour him.

His plan obviously failed.

When Mohave County sheriffs arrested him on a mountain, he had already injected a gram of heroin.

In fact, Al Nash, a spokesman of Yellowstone National Park, reported, “Human bear encounters are very infrequent.”

Escaping from Arizona prison after receiving two life sentences to commit a suicide at Yellowstone National Park by a human devouring bear definitely does not sound such a smart plan after all.

Gregg Allman

A big surprise came this month when Gregg Allman came out with his new solo album, “Low Country Blues“. This album is a mixture of blues and, well, country.   The key track is “Floating Bridge”. This is a slow smooth southern blues song, that, of course, is about someone drowning. It’s pretty happy stuff.

Another key song is “Rolling Stone.”   The producer, T Bone Burnett did a great job with the album, but especially this song. The drums are great at the beginning, and add to the tense effect.

All in all, this is a great album. It shows Gregg Allman’s talent as a solo artist. Allman’s voice is key to the success of this album. So if you are in a Barnes & Noble or a Starbucks anytime soon, be sure to pick up this album.

Trojan Horse

We know about the Trojan Horse from Homer’s Iliad.

According to the book, this “horse” delivers a triumphant victory to Greece.

In the digital world, the Trojan Horse disguises its malicious intentions and harms the computers.

This function may sound similar to Virus, a highly contagious and stealthy from of software, and Worm, also contagious software that duplicates exponentially on its own, but the Trojan Horse behaves differently.

It does not pervade other Personal Computers or programs but steals personal information, credit card numbers, passwords of importance, and files and controls the speed of PC.

The Trojans often attracts its customers by offering “safe” software to “protect” passwords and transaction information. If one downloads this software with camouflaged titles such as exe, vbs, com, bat, zip, then the trouble begins.

From my personal experience with my Adroid phone, I strongly recommend to not download any attachments with the slightest suspicion.

Because once this Trojan Horse invaded my device, I could finally comprehend the hopelessness of the Trojans.

From the Top

I smile over my left shoulder at my friend who is hunched over his bass guitar, creating a progression we had only dreamed of. He stops for a moment after letting the last E note ring out from the depth of his instrument. Glancing up at me quickly, a huge smiles envelops both of our faces and we know: We’ve got it.

Mackin playing bass during a soundcheck.

I quickly put my guitar down on the stand next to the amplifier I was sitting on and dive for the open notebook and pen that are lying on the floor.

“What was the progression you just did, Mackin?” I ask, my eyes gleaming with excitement.
“E, E, G, A and on the fourth I added the high D,” He said, playing the notes as he dictated them for me.
“Brilliant,” I tell him, sitting down with the paper in front of me, “I’ve got all the lyrics down, should we take it from the top?”
“Absolutely,” he says, placing my microphone in front of me before he grabs his own.

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Our Generation’s Sputnik

Since the world is promoting green energy, more and more ideas have come out. During the State of Union, President Obama announced a lesser-known photovoltaic energy source which looks like roofing shingles, but can power houses more cheaply than the regular solar panels. The company, LUMA, which produces the solar shingles, states that one shingle cannot produce a lot of power. However, hundreds of square feet of them can produce between 2400 and 8640 watts of electricity. The solar shingles look almost like the regular roofing shingles and cost less than regular solar panels. Although that the solar shingles are not cheap, it is an available solar product for most people, and enable us to have a cleaner tomorrow!null