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Increasing Age of Doctors Leads Patients To Worry

Many people say that age doesn’t matter. However, when it comes to the person whose each action determines whether the heart machine continues its regular beats or straight lines, age may definitely come into consideration. Doctors around the world are aging … Continue reading

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Young Americans Today Blur Lines Between Races

When taking the SAT’s one too many times, I became quite acquainted with the “Personal Information” section. There was of course the required date of birth, social security number (if known), and home address. Common sense was all it took … Continue reading

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Arizona Prison Escapee Attempts to End Life Through Bear Attack

What do a convicted killer from Arizona Prison and a bear from Yellowstone National Park have in common? This story will lead you to one of the most ill-planned suicide attempts. An escape from the Arizona prison, Tracy Province, joined … Continue reading

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Gregg Allman

A big surprise came this month when Gregg Allman came out with his new solo album, “Low Country Blues“. This album is a mixture of blues and, well, country.   The key track is “Floating Bridge”. This is a slow … Continue reading

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Trojan Horse

We know about the Trojan Horse from Homer’s Iliad. According to the book, this “horse” delivers a triumphant victory to Greece. In the digital world, the Trojan Horse disguises its malicious intentions and harms the computers. This function may sound … Continue reading

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From the Top

I smile over my left shoulder at my friend who is hunched over his bass guitar, creating a progression we had only dreamed of. He stops for a moment after letting the last E note ring out from the depth … Continue reading

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Our Generation’s Sputnik

Since the world is promoting green energy, more and more ideas have come out. During the State of Union, President Obama announced a lesser-known photovoltaic energy source which looks like roofing shingles, but can power houses more cheaply than the … Continue reading

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