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Of Queens and Kings

We’re silly fools with our petty fights We have petty dreams and sleepless nights We lie awake and think up things New lives and loves of queens and kings We dream and wish of things above And get lost in … Continue reading

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The Plan

The plan so far is to not grow up But to grow grey wrinkled and old The difference between the two Is there But you must find it for yourself

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Souls from Southeast Asia – Pee Sai

His name is Pee Sai. He is 23-years-old. He is my friend. Pee Sai speaks very little English, and I speak absolutely no Burmese, but the language barrier is not detrimental towards our friendship.  I don’t need to speak his … Continue reading

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If all you need is love Then what is oxygen And air? What is food And shelter And safety? What is security And education And support? You do not need love But crave it And want it But maybe that’s … Continue reading

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The Sound.

The sound is deep. It resonates throughout the room, The chamber of my heart, And the corners of my fingers. The sound is gorgeous. Irresistible. It sends shivers down my spine, Raises my skin, Flutters my heart. How I long … Continue reading

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It must be so boring! So dull. So bleak. To live in a mind No more than obsolete. Does it drive you mad? No madder than me. To breathe in their air, But see more than they see? I thought … Continue reading

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If I Were Brave

If I were brave, I would straddle the tallest cliff-side, Waver from low to high pride, And fall just for the view. If I were brave, I would light myself on fire, Let the flames crawl higher and higher, Until … Continue reading

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