Mariah Carey’s Baby Bump

Just a few months ago, fans noticed an unfamiliar bump around Mariah Carey‘s usually fit and toned stomach. They were curious to know if Mariah Carey’s new tummy was a sign of pregnancy. Last October, Mariah Carey, American singing prodigy, confirmed the fans’ suspicions and announced that she was pregnant. Today, just a few hours ago, Nick Cannon, Carey’s wife, announced that they were expecting twins.

Nick Cannon informed the crew on 92.3 Now Radio that Mariah had first broke the happy news to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama after a performance.

“I haven’t even told my wife I was doing this, so I am probably going to get yelled at for not getting permission.” Nick Cannon stated.

Two years ago, Mariah and Nick suffered a miscarriage and were trying to keep the news relatively secret. According to Nick of a recent ultrasound, the babies are “healthy, in tip-top shape.”

Mariah is expecting the twins sometime in the upcoming spring, and the couple have yet to reveal the sexes of their twins. Fans are anticipating the arrival of the twins. Perhaps they will have Mariah’s voice or Cannon’s rhythm but only time will tell.



In this blog, I am going to write about love. Yes, I’m sure many of those who are reading this article will know personally who it is that I will be writing about. Some may think it’s silly but, hey, a blog is supposed to be a place where you share your emotions and feelings on certain topics right?

Well, there is this special person in my life right now and his name is Kai Emilio Littlefield.  He is bit over a head taller than I am with thick dark hair, the nicest brown eyes, and a handsome smile. I started to like him towards the end of my freshman year. He asked me out on April 29, 2009 on a bus and we have been dating ever since.

In the beginning, I was at that stage where I was nervous to be on the same campus as he was, knowing that I would run into him sooner or later. I still remember the first time he held my hand and-God forbid I say this on the OVS journalism blog-our first kiss. I didn’t know it then, but I was falling in love with him.

Today, almost one year and seven months later, he has become one of my closest friends, my prince, and the happiest part of my day. Sure, we have had our ups and downs before but at the end of the day, our relationship only grows stronger and I love him that much more.

Kai is very quirky sometimes. But that’s why I love him so much. He doesn’t know it, but he knows how to make me smile and he makes a bad day so much better. His voice, his smile, his eyes, and his hugs put a smile on my face. The way he trips over his words sometimes when he gets excited is just the cutest thing. The nervousness that plagued me when we first started dating is now replaced with total comfort. That doesn’t mean I love him less-in fact, it means the complete opposite. It just means that what I feel for him isn’t just puppy love.

For me, the saddest day, I know, will be the day he graduates. The first semester is already coming to an end and the second semester is just around the corner. Soon enough, it will be graduation day, and I will see him, as well as my beloved friends, walk down that cobblestone stage. It will be the worst feeling knowing that I wouldn’t be able to see his smile everyday like I can now. But until then, I’ll just continue to fall more and more in love with his laugh and his smile. I guess this is a shout out to you Kai for being the best boyfriend (even though I know you will never be able to read this because you don’t have WordPress). I love you so much Kai!


All over the U.S many teens are preparing for that final week of term. Yes, we have reached the dreaded week where we will be taking our finals. Yes many are nervous, yes many are in panic, but don’t you fear because Christmas is nearly here.

The revision may seem extremely stressful, and sometimes you may wish you had a photographic memory, but I guess we can’t always get what we want.

Lets project into the future. In one week the stress will all be over. You will be waking up late, eating good food and relaxing. The merriments of Christmas will have surrounded you, and your house, as you wrap presents, decorate trees and generally have fun to Christmas classics.

Just keep this image in your mind as you revise for these exams. The effort will pay off and you will be rewarded along with the joys of Christmas.

So don’t worry be happy as Bobby McFerrin said, as it will all be over soon!



Choosing gifts sometimes feels like one of the hardest decisions. How can you determine what will bring someone joy and happiness? There is no way of knowing, except to choose from you heart. Think about what someone would really like.

Yes idea’s and lists help considerably, but isn’t it nice to open a surprise on Christmas day? I have come up with the perfect solution, to solve any gift troubles. Comedy gifts.

Yes it may not be the Xbox or Wii that someone wanted, but it’s a humorous gift that you have sought out specifically for the individual. Surely the dedication and time put into finding such a unique present is worth more than a “one click” from Amazon.

As I grow older I have began to find the simple things in life are of more worth. Those hand-picked gifts that people have purchased specifically for you are of far more value than expensive gifts brought just to feed another’s greed.

I’m not saying expensive gifts aren’t good, but let them be a present that was purchased with love and consideration rather than because of fear of rejection.

In no way am I expressing that we should all go out and buy a personalized Christmas sweater for your friends, just think about what you are purchasing rather than buying because you have to.

Christmas Sweaters

Ask Me To Marry You Like You Mean It!

Just recently, I read an article on the 5 worst ways to “pop the question” on Yahoo.

As I was reading, I was shocked when I heard that someone had the audacity to ask the question on Twitter. The conversation went something like this:

“To @emilychang – After fifteen years of blissful happiness I would like to ask for your hand in marriage?”

“@maxkiesler – yes, i do.”

When I read this, I couldn’t help but think, “What happened to privacy and romance?” I would hate to be proposed to in any way other than face to face, with my partner on one knee. But of course, that’s just me.

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Finals. Then break.
Finals. Then break.
Finals. Then break.

It’s all you hear while walking through the hallways of the girl’s dorm.

There’s the occasional strum of a guitar from the room next to mine, and my roommate is hunched over her books, studying in a language that is not her own.

People are running down the halls, laughing about a three week break from school or screaming in a burst of rage, “I hate finals!”

And amidst all of the chaos, all of the sounds melding into one, melodramatic hum, I remain motionless. The last words printed on the book in front of me stand out above the pressing noise.

“There are worse games to play.”

And although the circumstances are different, the words adapt to mean everything and anything.

The game of studying for finals that will, in the end, not throw my grades off some horrendous no-returning-from-here cliff. They will not make or break my chances of getting into a college that awaits me two years in the future. They will only bring chaos to here-and-now moments.

As soon as the school leaves for break, everyone will forget their almost-meltdowns about how, “There’s no way I’m not going to fail my chemistry final.”

Through the race of muttered curse words, ripped pages, destroyed text books, and the silent but studious players in a never-ending game, everyone needs to stop and breathe.

After five or six two-hour long tests, it will be over, and everyone will have a three week break to regain the sleep they lost in preparation for a final that they will forget the information to in a matter of hours.

In. And out.
In. And out.
In. And out.

My Favorite Time of the Year

Artists are making renditions of classic Christmas music. The winter cold is turning the tip of my nose pink. Small beads of lights, strung up in and around buildings, are brightening up the night. A miasma of green and red invade candy wrappers and wrapping paper. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is near.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I love Christmas. My family was never one to celebrate it. I’ve never experienced those huge, family, holiday reunions with a feast of home cooked foods that I’ve seen on television. I remember having a Christmas tree in the house only once in my life. Of course, I still receive presents from friends and family but that is the only form of celebration I have ever had. But the gifts are not what draw me to Christmas.

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