Nicki Minaj vs Lil’ Kim

For months now there has been a quiet, subtle battle going on between female rappers Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. But just recently it has turned into a dirty fight in lyrics.
Lil Kim has been a successful rapper for over 10 years while Nicki Minaj is just breaking into the business. Lil Kim has noticed Nicki Minaj dissing her in a few songs such as “Hoodstars” and “Roman’s Revenge,” but has chosen to ignore it and be the bigger person. Lil’ Kim thinks that Nicki Minaj is copying her look and attempting to steal her fame which I agree with.

It wasn’t until “Roman’s Revenge” came out and Nicki Minaj called out Kim’s name in a song that Kim fought back. Nicki Minaj had an interview about her song and when asked if she meant to call Kim out, she denied it and acted very “fake”. She went on to apologize in case she might have made it seem like she was speaking negatively of Kim. Little did she know that this would start a fire.

When Lil Kim fights, she doesn’t play around. In response to Nicki Minaj’s disses, Kim made a song called “Black Friday”, which is a knock in itself on Nicki Minaj’s album entitled “Pink Friday.”
Lil Kim starts this song with the interview in which Nicki Minaj speaks out on the battle. The audio is cut off and Lil Kim starts the song by yelling “Shut the f–k up b—h”. Kim goes on to rap

Shut the f-ck up

Who the f-ck want war
FedEx beef straight to your front door
It’ll be a murder scene
I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th
Aight you Lil Kim clone clown
all this buffoonery, the shit stops now
time for you to lay down, I’m sick of the fraud
I put hands on this bitch like a spa massage
we all know your last name is what got you a job
you use to put together gimmicks something like a collage
since you putting on a show, you gon’ get the appaulse
clap clap, lift your frame like a f-cking garage, yeah
this hood sh-t you and Drake ain’t built for
this the same sh*t the other bitch almost got killed for
I’m still counting what hardcore generated
bet my sh-t keeps spinning like it’s syndicated
corny broad I’ll you bloody like you menstruated
your hot air ass bitch should have been deflated
this aint a championship fight I’ve been the greatest
see the fact is, what you doing I did it
lames trying to clone my style, run with it
thats cool, I was the first one with it
you deluded kim wannabe you just hate to admit it
I’m the Blueprint you aint nothing brand new
check ya posters and videos, you’ll always be number 2
I seen ‘em come, I seen go, I still remain
sweety, you going on your 14th minute of fame
I’m over 10 years strong still running the game
cut the comparisons, I’m in the legendary lane
fighting for ya spot, y’all please, I’m solidified
with my hands tied, you couldn’t beat me if you bitches tried
either you high, or sipping that sh-t Wayne on
I get top dollar for whatever my name on
go stick your head in a tornado, brainstorm
I drop bombs, FLex, Napalm
black and yellow, will pull up in your ghetto
Giuseppe’s when I step out, posted up in stilettos
p-ssy so pink like my kitty saying hello
if I whistle, they’ll pistol whip you in all five borough’s
I’m in Brooklyn, I’ll be everywhere comfortably
who pumped you and told you to come rump with me
you the type to run your mouth and then run from me
I’m poppin’ off in your hood with no company
come on, Queens aint showing you no love
I was there the other night poppin’ bottles with the thugs
you like Washington Heff(?) I’m Benjy.
You got a buzz right now, an’ I had a frenzy
oh yeah, welcome to the fam’, Fendi
you need to stop, you’re not hot, you’re a burning match
that means the end is near soon, copy that
oh I see, they really got you gassed like
I’mma think of the past
better slow down dummy, you bout to crash
stink p-ssy hoe, I’m giving you a bath
thermometer in hand and I’m coming for your ass
who you think you getting past
I see right through you, you’re whole sh-t is made of glass

[Nicki Minaj]
You see right through me
How do you do that sh…

[Lil Kim]
I draw back, I’m a Brooklyn thorough bred bitch
rep for my borough bitch
never been the type to have beef and try to settle sh-t
I ride out till the wheels fall off
and my n-ggas squeeze til the last shell go off
f-ck ya whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdo’s
you’s a airhead bitch, scarecrow
haha, aint nothing old but my money bitch
hahaha, this is grown liquid assests
Benjamin’s my daddy you Young Money bastards
you and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers
I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income tax
Bobby Fischer in the flesh, taught by the great
so on my next move, I’m yelling checkmate

I smell a massacre
Charles Manson you don’t stand a chance with her
Jeffrey Dahmer you looking like lunch to me
I’m bout to kill all you bitches like Ted Bundy
leave you’re whole head red like Peg Bundy
you’re hilarious, thanks for all the laughs
you’re garbage so I’m taking out the trash
you sh-t on me, come on baby girl
ain’t enough ass shots in the World
you’re a nuisance, you porbably steal my new sh-t
but you could never f-ck with me so chuck it up, Deuces
all around the World I ball like a ball team
I stack chips, call me Mr’s Rosteam
tricks is for kids, silly rabbit, your my offspring
Kim more anticipated than a Lebron ring…


My OVS Awakening

Screen shot 2011-01-18 at 8.16.22 PM

Just past the halfway mark in my senior year and reality is starting to kick in. Going into my 11th year at OVS , I have just began to appreciate how greatly it has influenced my life.

The school has been the most steady home I have always had. Who I am today has been developed and impacted from my life at Ojai Valley School, from the people who have shared their knowledge with me, and more than that, their friendship with me.

Coming home from finals last week, I was anxious to see what would come next in all of my classes. I was pulled aside by Mr. Weidlich, who encouraged me to switch out of his English 12 class and into the AP English class. I was happy to challenge myself and move on to a new opportunity for learning. It was that experience, along with several other experiences with faculty members, that made me truly take a moment and think about how lucky I am to be in this place.

I want to thank Mr. Weidlich for being my advisor through my upper campus experience and always pushing me to challenge and tap into my writing abilities. It is to him that I owe my passion for writing because it was created when he shared his passion of writing with me through his English classes.

He has taught me a lot and I really look up to him as a person. Through thick and thin I will always love Ojai Valley School and it will always be a place where I have felt safest and will certainly be a place I will love to visit in the future as my life unfolds.

“Tiger Mother”

Amy Chua has been sparking controversy across the world with what she calls her”Tiger mother” approach on parenting. Her book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” describes how she has parented her two daughters. She does not believe in sleepovers, play dates with friends, or activities. Amy has two daughters.

Her publicity began when attention was drawn to her book. An article was written about her book titled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” In one case, the “Tiger Mother” yelled at her daughter calling her “garbage” and threatened to not give her food and not allow her to have a bathroom break because she was not playing the piano perfectly — this daughter is 7 years old….

Because of such abuse, “Tiger Mother” has gotten death threats from strangers who believe she is am unfit mother. When confronted with the facts, she stated ” My book is a memoir, not a parenting book! I think there are many ways to raise great kids.”

Among the uproar, a woman named Ayelet Waldman wrote a response essay entitled ” In Defense of the Guilty, Ambivalent, Preoccupied Western Mom.” Within this piece , Waldman touches on the fact that she believes “Tiger Mothering” is advocating child abuse.Read More »

Black Swan

Over break, I went to Texas to spend time with my family for ten days. During my time there, I watched three movies in theaters, Tron, Little Fockers and Black Swan. My favorite movie by far was Black Swan with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.
In the movie Natalie Portman plays an innocent young girl who tries out for the part of the swan in the ballet production. The swan character must be innocent at first glance, but beneath the surface they must be dark and twisted. Unable to pull off the dark and twisted side to the character, Natalie Portman finds herself struggling. Mila Kunis is used as a symbol of the darkness inside of Natalie Portman that she has to bring out. In the end, Natalie Portman must kill the darkness inside of her, and when she does, she dies too, after her perfect performance.

This movie is a psychological thriller that keeps you on edge and makes you walk away from the theater still thinking about what happened in the film. The artistic design used throughout this film is breathtaking and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

leafNature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

This poem was written by Robert Frost, it is one of my favorites. I think that this poem symbolizes the innocence that a child possesses until they are exposed to the world’s raw truths and they change. Holding onto that innocence and purity is very hard, even impossible. At some point, everyone loses their innocence.

Read More »

Girls’ Soccer Team Earns First Win of the Season

Yesterday, around 2:15, our girls soccer team headed down to the field to warm up for our first game of the season. We were all a little nervous to play against Thacher school, but once the game began, it became obvious that we would be victorious.

We started out with a goal in only the first five minutes of the game, and once that happened, out energy just shot through the roof. The entire game we defended well, and played great offense as a team. Despite the difficulties with the refs, the game went perfect.

We ended out the game with a score of five to zero and celebrated our victory together as a team while still being respectful to Thacher. We all high-fived each other and said “good game” and it was over. For the first game of the season, we far exceeded our own expectations and I can’t wait to see how the rest of our season unfolds, try to make it down to one of the games if you want to see for yourself!


In English recently we have been reading books that send powerful messages out. The latest book we have begun to read is titled Sula. This book revolves around racism, slavery, segregation and life throughout the early to mid 1900’s for the African-American race. The author’s style of writing is raw and brutally honest to the point of almost disturbing the reader.

However, thus far I have enjoyed reading this book because of the way it touches the reader. A relationship develops between the reader and each character in the story as it progresses. The way that the story is told is also very special because it allows the reader to experience what the characters experience in the book, no matter who the reader is.

Mr. Weidlich himself said in class yesterday, ” I know I’m not a young African-American girl, but I can imagine and almost feel what Sula feels in the book.” The story offers insight into the life of these people who are suffering, and my favorite part is that the book gets me to step outside of myself and see things with new eyes. I look forward to completing the book in class.