Trojan Horse

We know about the Trojan Horse from Homer’s Iliad.

According to the book, this “horse” delivers a triumphant victory to Greece.

In the digital world, the Trojan Horse disguises its malicious intentions and harms the computers.

This function may sound similar to Virus, a highly contagious and stealthy from of software, and Worm, also contagious software that duplicates exponentially on its own, but the Trojan Horse behaves differently.

It does not pervade other Personal Computers or programs but steals personal information, credit card numbers, passwords of importance, and files and controls the speed of PC.

The Trojans often attracts its customers by offering “safe” software to “protect” passwords and transaction information. If one downloads this software with camouflaged titles such as exe, vbs, com, bat, zip, then the trouble begins.

From my personal experience with my Adroid phone, I strongly recommend to not download any attachments with the slightest suspicion.

Because once this Trojan Horse invaded my device, I could finally comprehend the hopelessness of the Trojans.


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