And I’m Still Alive


She keeps her head down as people sneer at her, she’s only trying to walk to her next class in peace. Her baggy jacket hides the scars littering her arms and the hood masks the look of utter pain etched onto her face.

“Hey!” Someone calls at her, but she does not know who, “how bout I let you borrow my girlfriend if you return your clothes to the men’s section?”

It was a poor attempt to hurt her, but it did, nonetheless. She moved her feet faster, trying to avoid the people in the cruel jail she knew as high school, but they would never go away. The taunting would never go away.

It wasn’t always so hard, she remembered, back when she wasn’t sure what her hormones were telling her. It wasn’t always so hard when she was in the closet, so far back she thought she was in Narnia. It was when she emerged from the darkness that a spotlight shined down onto her, that people took notice. She was no longer the smiling girl with all the friends, but the lesbian that you had to stay away from. After all, you don’t want to catch their disease, right?

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The music festival, Coachella, has just released its tentative list of performers.
It’s big news in the music world. The concert that has now been going on for nine years and has hosted the most famous artists including Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine.


In the hot and dry Indio, California, the concert lasts a total of three days each year with at least 20 artists playing on one given day. Thousands of people of all ages flock from across the country to see the spectacle and believe me it’s worth seeing.

Personally, I have never attended the concert, but I have had dozens of friends who have. I haven’t heard a single bad review. Although I only found out about the concert three years ago, there hasn’t been a year where I wish I couldn’t have gone. Hopefully this year will be the first.

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All Stars

With only 4 days left to vote, the NBA All Star Teams are coming together. Usually the most popular players get picked, but this year, I hope to see some of my picks on the team…


As one of the forwards I have to pick the amazing rookie sensation Blake Griffin. The toughness and raw power of the 21-year-old Clipper is too good to not make the team. With his strong defense and amazing dunk, Griffin will hopefully make to team.

Since I’m a Laker fan I have to go with Ron Artest for the second forward (sorry Durant). He may be the craziest player in the NBA, but Artest shows great heart. With great defensive and solid offensive skills, Artest definitely makes the team.

For the point guard I have to pick the toughest, most determined player in the NBA, Steve Nash. To me, Nash commands the most respect out of any player. That’s not just because of his skill, but because he wants to win.   In the last playoffs, Nash had his nose broken on a defensive play. What did he do? He pulled it back into place and kept playing.


For the next guard, I pick Kobe. Do I have to explain?

The West team’s center? Andrew Bynum. With his imposing bulk, and skill, Bynum is the obvious choice. Bynum is easily the best center in the West, and maybe the league (maybe Noah. More on him later).


The obvious choice for one of the East’s forwards is Amare Stoudemire. This is the player that has single-handedly turned one of the worst teams in the East into a solid 5th place team.  With power and skill, Stoudemire is a great choice.

The next pick is a little strange because I refuse to pick anyone on the Heat (lookin’ at you Bosh). It’s weird too because I hated the 2000 Sacramento Kings, but I have to pick Hedo Turkoglu. The only reason I’m picking him is because I have a grudge against everyone else (“cough” Bosh”cough” Garnett “cough”). Having said that, he is a solid player.

The point guard for the East would have to be Derrick Rose. This player has shown prowess and ability since the start of his career.  He is on one of the up and rising teams, the Chicago Bulls. I hope they can get a ring before too soon. Just not this year because the Lakers have to get another 3-peat.

The next guard is the rookie John Wall. Not only has he mastered the fine art of Dougie-ing, but he can also play a good game of basketball. Sadly this player may not get the rookie of the year trophy because he is on one of the worst teams ever.

Saving the best for last, the East center would have to be Joakim Noah. Not only is he one of the best centers out there, but he makes everyone around him better.  This is the type of player that can be an asset to any team.

So that’s it. Hopefully Noah and Wall can make it on the team, because they are my favorites. Go Lakers.

Taylor Gang or Die…

Wiz Khalifa. If you haven’t heard that name, you will. Cameron Jabril Thomaz (more often refered to by his stage name Wiz Khalifa) has come a long way since 2005. From his first mixtape (Prince of the City: Welcome to Pitsolvania) to his most recent single (The now infamous “Black & Yellow”) he’s had the kind of journey most rappers only dream of. Now age 23, he has released eight mixtapes and two albums as well as making two mainstream hits, the first being “Say Yeah,” the electronic hip-hop style track from 2007, and the second being “Black & Yellow,” which is currently one of the five hottest songs in America.

Wiz Khalifa lives a life of ambition and focus when it comes to his career, saying on his second album, “It’s lonely at the top, I’m tired of having company.” Well, he may not be there just yet, but he’s been rising fast. This can be attributed to many things, including time and talent, but also his clever and resourceful use of the internet and other new media. He constantly updates his twitter page, telling his fans about anything from how his new song is coming to just how flat-out drunk he is, and his fans love him for it.

As he says at the end of his first verse in Black & Yellow, “No keys, push to start.” And as it would happen, push to start seems to be exactly the case. Wiz Khalifa has started the road to mainstream success, and he seems to be loving how it looks from here.