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The Old Times.

I miss the old times, I miss my friends and most importantly I miss the life I used to lead. Don’t get me wrong. After reluctantly immigrating to the United States I have become a better person. But I still … Continue reading

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Unsporting Conduct

In the Champions League clash (in more than one respect) between AC Milan and Tottenham Hotspurs, Gennaro Gattuso lost his head…again. After the final whistle, Gattuso went over to the Tottenham bench and got in a verbal argument with assistant coach … Continue reading

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The World’s most Typical Person

National Geographic published a very interesting new issue this month. The magazine set out to find who was the world’s most typical person. And here HE his.  That’s right. The world’s most typical person is Chinese. He is 28 years old, … Continue reading

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The Death of Americas Most Beloved Hair (or so i thought)

On Thursday, February 10th, 2011, Justin Bieber as the world knew him died. He shaved his head… or so we thought. Bieber, teen pop sensation and major promoter of having incredible hair, went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and staged a segment in … Continue reading

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Dear Mom.

People might think this is “lame” of me to say, but I love my mom. Yeah, sometimes we fight but it never lasts long and she tends to be the most understanding person in the world. She’s been there through … Continue reading

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On a better note,

And I’m being literal here; I have found a new music obsession. Call me girly, crazy, dumfounded, but I love John Mayer. More often than not I have found my roommate and I, fellow OVS blogger Paloma, listening to him. … Continue reading

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The Ventura County Fusion

For the last 3 years, I have been working part-time with a professional football team in the city of Ventura. The team, The Ventura County Fusion, is going into its fifth season in the PDL. The PDL is the fourth tier … Continue reading

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