Time Flies

nullIt has been two years since I came to OVS. During these two years, I have only been to Santa Barbara State Street trip twice. The first time is the very first school trip last year, and the second time is the last trip of this year, which today. I remember the first time I went I don’t know anyone yet, and I have never been there, so I was following other Chinese students. However, I got lost. At the end I was all alone by myself, so I just walked around the department stores and got a hamburger from The Habit. However, the second I went there is a totally different situation. After spending two years at OVS, I not only improve my English skill and gain new experience, but also make lots of great friends. Today, I went with few of my good friends. Just sitting next to the street, feeling the wind blowing on our face for few hours, we talked about what happened in these two years. Time flies. We all still remember how we meet each other in the beginning, and then now within 12 days we are all going to different place to start a new journey. One Chinese proverb said that there is no such a party without an ending. However, friends are forever. We will keep in touch.


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