How about those…BILLS?!?!?!

As I’m sitting in my hotel room in Los Angeles this past weekend with my NFL-addicted family. Football games are on and emotions fly. It was a sad sight to watch the flightless Eagles perish against the equally as ineffective Giants. But, as I have known, anything can happen on any given day in the NFL. That includes the AFC East powerhouse New England Patriots falling to the usually pathetic Buffalo Bills. The New York misfit franchise came back from a score of 21-10 to defeat the Patriots by a score of 34-31. This brings the Bills’ record to 3-0. Wait, WHAT?! THE BILLS?!?! I’m not going to complain. I am tired, as I’m sure many others are, of the Patriots winning everything year after year after year. I’m glad a team finally put them in their place. However, I never thought for one second that this team would be the Buffalo Bills. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick graduated from the football “powerhouse” known as Harvard University, has led the Bills through the first part of the season with perfection. However, Harvard grads rarely opt to enter the NFL. In fact, to my knowledge, only one other player in NFL history has graduated from Harvard and played for at least 7 seasons (Matt Birk). Maybe teams should add Harvard as a college of interest when they recruit players pre-draft. Certainly seems to have worked out well for the Bills. Will it last? I don’t know. Like I said, anything can happen.


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Just when you thought this obvious debate was over, IT’S BACK!

Rick Santorum felt the need to answer a gay soldier’s question about the policy by saying he would reinstate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Santorum: ‘I condemn’ booing of gay soldier, didn’t hear it

Now his opinion is one thing, he has every right to that. But really was that necessary? I thought we were getting over this as a country, but now with the Republican debates the whole thing is coming back strong.

Personally, I feel that this is a RIDICULOUS issue. Just the other day I was talking to a veteran who had served in Iraq and he put it very well. He had a friend who came out to him after they had received their honorable discharge. This friend was an incredible soldier and man, speaking multiple languages and very trustworthy in combat. The C.I.A. is trying to recruit him now.

Now the fact that he is gay has absolutely nothing to do with his abilities, neither positively or negatively. He is defending his country, putting his life on the line for all of us who enjoy the luxuries that are provided by our military. The very least we could do is allow him to be open about his sexuality.

If his fellow soldiers have a problem with that then maybe it is time to talk it out. For to long we have pretended like homosexuality is a disease, it is no such thing. Gays and lesbians are not a danger to have in the military. If it is going to cause issues then the homophobes need to deal with their issues, not make someone change their sexuality (which is not possible) or make them hide it.

I see no difference between don’t ask, don’t tell and racially recruiting. Would the military not allow Blacks, Asian Americans, Latinos if they could hide the color of their skin.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is so unconstitutional that it makes me want to scream. But lovely people like Presidential un-hopeful Rick Santorum will continue to spread their charming opinions about their homophobia.

I would like to ask Rick Santorum a question; if your life was on the line, a gun to your head, would you care about the sexuality of the man or woman who saved you? Sexuality aside, these men and women are heroes and they deserve the rights of heroes.

Blogging on an iPhone…not fun. (It also doesn’t allow tagging)

I’m going to keep this short simply because after the OVS football game on Saturday, my thumbs are killing me and, being that the school has no internet, I am forced to write on my phone. I remember last year when I still hadn’t received my computer and was forced to use my phone to write papers and access moodle. Those were the days; the days of inefficiency maybe.

Realistic Games

More and more we are being exposed to the visual creations that at times thousands of people work on to create video games such as Call Of Duty Black Ops, Fifa Soccer 11, God Of War III, and Dirt 3. Those four games I mentioned are the ones I strongly believe possess the greatest graphics and are the most realistic. I have played them all, I have passed them all, I have liked them all.

These games take a player into the world they are trying to depict. The gamer feels like he/she is a part of that world, like he/she is the driver of that race car, even like he/she is a soccer player playing with a team like Manchester United (which is a truly great team btw).

Graphics are a feature which gamers seek when purchasing a game. Great graphics equal a great gaming experience, for example in Call Of Duty Black Ops,

The clarity in this image is lifelike, it makes you want to see more of the creators work. It is truly amazing what these game makers can create.

I never thought that characters in games would look as realistic as a real person, but damn does it amaze me.

A near miss.


Ok so I have nearly been driving for one month. Yes I know you can’t believe it, trust me I can’t either. After reading my previous driving blogs I’m sure many believed that I one: wouldn’t survive my lessons on the road and two: definitely wouldn’t make it through the test. I guess the gods had mercy and looked upon my small Ford Fiesta with pity and smiled at the Santa Paula DMV on September the 1st. Whatever the case, I miraculously past and now I have been unleashed on the roads of Ventura county. Watch Out.

Oxnard has already witnessed some of my skilled driving as I visited the local fish and chip shop and a supermarket known as Vons. Vons is a great supermarket but it’s car parks are a nightmare. Now I’m guessing you’re thinking “oh no what did she do?” No I did not run over anyone, or an animal or scratch a car. In fact a rather large red Chevy truck nearly hit me.

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Epic Baby Face

Lets pretend all is wrong in your life like late bills, girl/boy dumped you, didn’t clean your room because you were lazy, parents are not on the same vibe, etc… Do you ant to know what gets me throught the day during trouble times? Watching funny baby videos…

Yep it works! 100% of the time!

Try watching and tell me your day got better.

Charley Bit my Finger – again

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September 12th BC 450, a Greek messenger was sent from the battlefield of Marathon (name of the city) to Athens to report that Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon, which took place in August or September that year. According to the Greek messenger, he ran the entire 42.195km(26.1miles) without stopping.

He exclaimed, “We have won” before he collapsed and died.

In 19th century, the marathon became one of the Olympic events. The marathon is one of my favorite events in Olympics. The most memorable marathon I saw on TV was in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. I was in first grade. An amazing runner from Japan Naoko Takahashi won the first gold medal in marathon. She said,” It was the most enjoyable 42.195km I’ve ever ran.” She smiled and waved at the crowd. Why is she not tired? Didn’t she just run 26 miles? It was very inspirational. I wanted to start running.

Today, many marathon races are held all over the world. I see many people run and train for races.

The marathon is one of those rare events related to history. Marathon is associated with the Ancient Greeks in the name “marathon” and the distance that is run still remains the same.