Red Neck Sunday Activities

Redneck culture has become fascinating over the years.
Rednecks over the years have evolved and adapted in these new technological times and have made advances as a culture. They sometimes take the weird and converted to something weirder. It’s an ability that makes their culture so unique and wonderfully funny to watch. seems now they can turn anything into F.U.N time.
(mature language may be heard in the following videos)

Who needs fancy Yachts.

0:52 Looked like it Hurt.

I personally love watching these interesting fellas in their native environment.



Ever left home, for a long period of time, worrying if your pet will forget you?

When a dog that truly loves his master, will always greet him/her every day at the door, like it’s the first time they have seen you in over a year. Even though you just went outside for 5 minutes to go pick up some milk. It is fascinating how much a dog will care for you, love you, and miss you. But for how long?

Well I recently had to leave my dog under new temporary ownership. I may not see him again for a very long time and I was worried that, he would eventually forget me and move on. This was all until I stumbled on to this video

Like a comment said “I had to punch the wall to get my masculinity back!”

Well after seen that, my troubles lifted and flew away.

Great to see that your animal friend can be a companion for a life time.

I Met My Super Hero

Growing up in the age of violent video games was the best.

Teens around my age and time, who are major video gamers, will always recognize the numbers “117.” Yes. I know…awesome. For those who don’t know, the numbers refer to the beloved alien killer “Master Chief” of the Halo series. The Character is so world-wide known. You might even call him a super star. And like all super stars he has to have a wax statue of himself in the famous Madam Tussauds Wax museum. The statue stands at 7.2 feet tall and weights about 275 Lbs. The Chief took more than 800 hours to be immortalized as wax.

master chief

It was great seeing one of my childhood heroes face to face. For a second, it took me back to when I was 13 again.

Free Speech and Tattoos

So several days ago I got to learn about the first amendment in Government class.

What I’ve learned has been so interesting, I might as well write about it! Yay!

Basically, We have the right to have freedom of religion, speech and to gather publicly.

This is fantastic! this amendment makes this country a great country, because it gives us the right to be a”#holes, and that is, what makes this country so great!

Yet this is such a controversial amendment because it cover so much, yet it says so little This creates a HUGE! problem, because it can be interpreted by so many people and sometimes that’s bad. Take Tattooing for example,  Tattooing is not protected by the first amendment…


Isn’t this a free country?

Do we not have rights?

Why does the Government not protect me for what I write on my ugly shell I call “skin”?

Oh! Just a Dream

A couple of days ago, me and my friends were telling tales about recent dreams and their significance, during a short ride in our white vans, heading toward our designated workout spot.

Many of us had suspicions about whether dreams had actual meaning.
Yet one of my superiors spoke of, what we can call, a bizarre dream in which he died in a violent and gruesome manner. It turns out the epic ending he suffers was a tragic blow to his neck, given to him by an unknown” man. The injury claimed his life, but not before he is tortured by watching as blood spurts from his tiny wound and spreads all over the ground.

As he spoke of his dream, the events in the story did not make much sense, although some parts where interesting. The way he had died was so dramatic it caught the attention of me and one other student.

So we quickly, whipped out the old smart phone from our pockets and began our
quest to find its meaning. A few seconds later, we found it. Thank you Google.

This is what we found,

To dream that you are bleeding or losing blood, signifies that you are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained…”       –

Wooaahh there… What?

Well it turns out our Superior had been preparing for the Boston Marathon.

See where this starts to make sense?

So back to the Point. Do dreams really have a deeper meaning? Or are they just an adventure our brain goes of to do while it waits for dawn?

Epic Baby Face

Lets pretend all is wrong in your life like late bills, girl/boy dumped you, didn’t clean your room because you were lazy, parents are not on the same vibe, etc… Do you ant to know what gets me throught the day during trouble times? Watching funny baby videos…

Yep it works! 100% of the time!

Try watching and tell me your day got better.

Charley Bit my Finger – again

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Calm the “!@$ DOWN!

I was just thinking to myself that tomorrow is the first game football game of the season. I’m not on the team, but this point got me thinking. How did I used to feel before a game? (I use to play soccer). And then I remembered That unforgettable feeling.

That feeling that burns your stomach, that feeling that keeps you awake, that feeling that never lets you sleep before a game… Pre-game nervousness. This is the feeling of the devil. The one that can ruin countless practices before a big game or performance. The key for me to overcome this burden, Is to stop right before the show starts and say to myself. “Calm the F%$! Down”. It works 80% of the time. The other 20% you just have to wing it and hope for the best.

If all else fails click here.