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Red Neck Sunday Activities

Redneck culture has become fascinating over the years. Rednecks over the years have evolved and adapted in these new technological times and have made advances as a culture. They sometimes take the weird and converted to something weirder. It’s an … Continue reading

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Ever left home, for a long period of time, worrying if your pet will forget you? When a dog that truly loves his master, will always greet him/her every day at the door, like it’s the first time they have … Continue reading

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I Met My Super Hero

Growing up in the age of violent video games was the best. Teens around my age and time, who are major video gamers, will always recognize the numbers “117.” Yes. I know…awesome. For those who don’t know, the numbers refer … Continue reading

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Free Speech and Tattoos

So several days ago I got to learn about the first amendment in Government class. What I’ve learned has been so interesting, I might as well write about it! Yay! Basically, We have the right to have freedom of religion, … Continue reading

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Oh! Just a Dream

A couple of days ago, me and my friends were telling tales about recent dreams and their significance, during a short ride in our white vans, heading toward our designated workout spot. Many of us had suspicions about whether dreams … Continue reading

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Epic Baby Face

Lets pretend all is wrong in your life like late bills, girl/boy dumped you, didn’t clean your room because you were lazy, parents are not on the same vibe, etc… Do you ant to know what gets me throught the … Continue reading

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Calm the “!@$ DOWN!

I was just thinking to myself that tomorrow is the first game football game of the season. I’m not on the team, but this point got me thinking. How did I used to feel before a game? (I use to … Continue reading

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