Reika at CIF Preliminaries!!!

I want to start off by saying this, Reika Kijima who is a student at my school is one of the most amazing athletes I have ever had the chance to meet personally. Aside from being an impressive athlete she is also an amazing person and someone im proud to call my friend.

Saturday May 12th I had the opportunity to tag along to the CIF preliminaries with Reika, our friend Serry, and lets not forget to mention the great track&field coach and history teacher Mr. Alvarez. In my head I never expected to see the level of running that I ended up witnessing throughout the day. I saw a high school runner run the 100 meters in 10.73 seconds… that is insanity.

But truth be told we were there for one person only, we were there to support our runner girl Reika Kijima!!!

Reika left me in awe when I got to watch her drop her personal best time in the 1600M from 5 minutes 20 seconds to 5 minutes 9 seconds. It was amazing to see her do such great work, hard work which played off in the end when she placed second in her heat and earned a spot in CIF finals next coming saturday!!!!!!

Intensity and concentration are always awesome elements to witness in an athlete.

This next image to me captures everything there is between a runner and her coach, a beautiful bond that will last forever.

I’ll be there next Saturday cheering you on runner girl!!

Congrats again on such a great job, YOU’RE AWESOME!!!:)

A New King In The World of Nikon

Recently I purchased the Nikon D3s which is an extremely fast camera when it comes to fps which means frames per second, at an impressive 9 fps in full format and 11 fps in cropped DX format, my camera was one of the fastest cameras on the market.

But then came the Nikon D4, it is a dream camera for a professional photographer and definitely should be looked at as a work of art. Well it was the dream camera for a professional photographer until the Nikon D4 came out and took the throne.

The D3s and the D4 don’t look too different at first glance but it is at a closer look where you can see the great changes that were made from one to the other.

First change that will definitely benefit a photographer in the long run is the angle at which the shutter button is placed on the body of the camera. It is placed 35 degrees more tilted so that it makes it easier to shoot for a long period of time.

The second big change on the camera is the quality of the censor. The Nikon D3s is equipped with 12 mega pixels and the D4 is equipped with a 16 megapixel sensor. A big difference that truly hit me hard when I found out 😦

It also does up to 14 fps, that is un believable.

In the end what I am trying to say is that I got the D3s because I didn’t know that the D4 was coming out so soon after, it sucks so badly.

And also that the Nikon d4 is one of the most remarkable cameras ever made by Nikon.

Sea World!!!

This weekend I had the chance to be the FIRST person to take my awesome girlfriend Joanna to Sea World in San Diego California. Since she had already been to Disneyland I figured that it would be great to take her to experience something new, and great it was.

It was SO much fun! We went to see a couple of the shows like the Shamu show and Pets Rule! which is a show that has nothing to do with the sea by the way, but regardless it is beyond impressive when the viewers find out that all the animals in the show were dogs adopted from the San Diego Humane Society.

Sea World to me is a place where those who wish to see majestic animals can do so in one location, animals that would otherwise be found in the wild and could be unreachable by people with monetary limitations. I know that it sounds horrible that these animals are kept in captivity and will never get to see the open ocean, yes i agree that is really sad but look at the kids who see these animals and are in complete awe and happiness.. to me that is a nice thing to see.

So that’s what I think is great about Sea World.
Do you like it there?

Pandora Online Radio Station

This website has been out for a couple of years now but I have to say that it never gets old to use it. If you want to listen to good music of almost any kind of genre it is available for free with the click of a few buttons.

The idea that you can just listen to music for free (and no torrenting it is not legal people) instead of buying it is simply great. I was sitting in my room trying to write a blog today and I realized that I wanted to listen to music to get inspired. I couldn’t decide what song to listen to so instead of choosing i just went to Pandora and let the website choose for me :).

This site contains a technology that truly should be appreciated, it provides the music you want to hear when you ask for it. I will sit and listen to music and then all of a sudden a song that I haven’t heard in years comes on and makes my day!

Pandora has also gone as far as creating an application for phones, iPods, and tablets that allows users to use pandora on their electronic devices! I love this website, it is such a great addition to the internet and I hope it continues to prosper for a long long time.

I recommend this site to anyone that loves music, and anyone who loves NOT having to pay for music OR download it illegally!


Animals are GREAT!

I think that in this world people take animals for granted way too much. Animals are what keep us fed,and are what keep us interested in the possibilities out around the earth. But most importantly, animals are what keep the earth in check.

Wild animals are not meant to be in cages or confined to a small area but they are and it breaks my heart to see the animals inside a zoo who shouldn’t even be in the weather that they are in. Animals are like humans, they take care of their young, feed their young, and would do anything to protect their young.

It is unbelievable to me when people make it a huge deal about being attacked by a mama bear with cubs in the wild when those people should have never been there in the first place. The people are the ones intruding. If a bear was to come in to someones house and go into your kids room and be standing near just to get a “closer look” you would kill it without thinking because your kid could be in danger but when people are “getting a closer look” on some cubs and they get attacked the bear is the one who should be killed…? that makes no sense to me.

Animals aren’t infinite, that has been made very clear by the california state bear, which is on the california flag but was killed off and is extinct. Bravo humans, bravo.

One day we will all pay for neglecting the fact that we NEED animals. even if it’s just because we need a hug…

Hopefully we can just learn instead of decimating the animal populations of the world but by the looks of things, that is looking like it will never happen.

Baseball Photos

Last week the baseball team traveled through the windy road up the 33. It was a long drive up to Maricopa, CA to play against a school but the team made it up there and came out victorious. As a photographer I took it as an opportunity to take pictures of the team playing their sport, and that I did.

People might think that it is only standing in one place and pointing a camera but the truth is that if you take photography seriously you won’t just stand in one place, you will walk around like a mad man or mad woman trying to find the perfect shot and then moving on to find the next one.

While I was taking this photo..

I came up with the idea to take this next photo, I saw that the catcher was standing in pure dirt and his glove was getting all dusty, then it came to me. A ball hit his glove and dust blew out of his glove as if it was smoke, it looked awesome!

This is what I love about taking pictures! The fact that I can capture moments that we only see and forget without a camera. It is truly a great feeling to catch moments like these.

What do you think about the photo?

The Thing I Love To Do

Photography has always and most likely always will be the one thing that I truly love to do. I have been taking pictures for quite a while and still to this day I can not figure out what I like taking pictures of more.

I have taken pictures of scenery..

That picture was just a complete split second decision that I made before going and taking pictures of my friend Stosh Lindsey surfing, but I thought it would make a cool postcard 😛

Ive taken Black&White pictures..

This picture I took at the OVS play this year and in it are Jack Beverly and Carolita Landers.

I’ve taken pictures of surfing..

This was such a nice day, my friend Kai Lowe was out busting out some big airs and well I was lucky enough to be able to capture them.

and pictures of many other things but I don’t think I will ever want to settle for taking pictures of just one thing. I think the great thing about being a photographer is that you can show the world what YOU see through the viewfinder of your camera and allow them to see that not everyone sees the world in the same way.

Which one of the pictures above did you like?
and if you didn’t like any of them, feel free to NOT comment something rude about them :]