Reika at CIF Preliminaries!!!

I want to start off by saying this, Reika Kijima who is a student at my school is one of the most amazing athletes I have ever had the chance to meet personally. Aside from being an impressive athlete she is also an amazing person and someone im proud to call my friend.

Saturday May 12th I had the opportunity to tag along to the CIF preliminaries with Reika, our friend Serry, and lets not forget to mention the great track&field coach and history teacher Mr. Alvarez. In my head I never expected to see the level of running that I ended up witnessing throughout the day. I saw a high school runner run the 100 meters in 10.73 seconds… that is insanity.

But truth be told we were there for one person only, we were there to support our runner girl Reika Kijima!!!

Reika left me in awe when I got to watch her drop her personal best time in the 1600M from 5 minutes 20 seconds to 5 minutes 9 seconds. It was amazing to see her do such great work, hard work which played off in the end when she placed second in her heat and earned a spot in CIF finals next coming saturday!!!!!!

Intensity and concentration are always awesome elements to witness in an athlete.

This next image to me captures everything there is between a runner and her coach, a beautiful bond that will last forever.

I’ll be there next Saturday cheering you on runner girl!!

Congrats again on such a great job, YOU’RE AWESOME!!!:)

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