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A New Journey.

I don’t know if it’s my personality or if it’s just the culture that I was brought up in but I always struggle to put myself out there and to meet new people. I’ve been forced to do it some … Continue reading

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College and Its Struggles

Now that I enter the final phases of the college process, I look back at the godawful endeavor that it has been. While many people will tell you that these sorts of things teach and make you stronger, I could have gone … Continue reading

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Studying is definitely not my forte, but I try. I read, reread, write, rewrite, list terms, and read again. Through doing this process I hope that some how the knowledge and information prints itself on my brain. In no way … Continue reading

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Brian Dawkins-The reason I am who I am

I will cover the NFL Draft this coming week. But, being as my childhood hero just retired for the NFL, I feel obligated to discuss the retirement. Brian Dawkins was a model football player. He was a leader on the … Continue reading

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The Four Agreements

I stumbled upon a book today, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. My dad told me about the Four Agreements when I was in third grade.  Being an 8-year-old, I thought nothing of them. But now, they are of value to … Continue reading

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Planes & DARPA = Progress

Aircraft have been around for a little over a hundred years. In 1903 the Wrights brothers were able to create the 1st “ airplane “ in recorded history. Useful technology evolves quickly; the airplane was no exception to this rule. … Continue reading

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Boston and Beyond!

I’ve got to say, this break has been one of the best so far. It’s always great when you meet people from your past and reconnect! There pictures are of my friends from elementary school. We are at Tom N … Continue reading

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