This weekend was the jewish Holiday Pesach or Pass Over.  For American Jews it is one of the most celebrated holidays, mainly because it does not consist of going to temple but rather having a seder, or a dinner.

This year I went to two seders, one at my house and one at my grandparents house.  A seder is basically a very ,very long dinner with only certain foods that must be eaten in a certain order while reciting certain prayers and telling the story of Pass over.

Pass Over is celebrating the jews release from bondage in Egypt.  It is the story of Moses freeing the Jewish slaves in which he proclaims the famous well-known line “Let My People go.”

During the seder the entire story is retold while we remember what our ancestors went through long ago.  We eat only unleavened bread to symbolize the jews frantic escape in which they did not have time to let their bread rise and rather put them on their backs and the sun cooked them into Matza.

Pass Over has much more significance to the world today then just being a jewish holiday.  On Pass Over we reflect on how blessed we are to live the lives we live and we thank our ancestors for enduring the harshness of slavery so that we may not have to.  We also discuss the world of today and how slavery is still very much alive today and what we can do.

Something New.

Passover Plate

This weekend I experienced something new, my first Passover Seder.  Although I grew up with close Israeli family friends religion was never something that was shared between our two families. I had never experienced any part of the Jewish religion nor had any in-depth knowledge. So this experience was exciting for me.

I must admit I was a little nervous after being taunted all day about Passover proceedings. As I sat down at the table all nerves disappeared, after all it was a new experiences something exciting not something to be feared.

It was a more liberal affair that I expected with some breaded shrimp on the menu. The whole event was a lot of fun with a lot of great food. With some reading, eating and some silly dancing from drunken parents it was definitely a night to remember.

Trying something new was definitely fun and I look forward to more Jewish events in the future.

Easter Sunday

I remember up until about 5 years ago, I would always get up on Easter Sunday to my favorite breakfast, French Toast, and receive a basket that the “Easter bunny” had brought me. It was filled with all that green fake grass, colorful socks, candy, toys, and other fun things.

This year, there was an Easter egg hunt on campus. I didn’t attend, but I did think back on how much fun Easter used to be. Maybe it’s because I really love bunnies! They are just so darn cute I can’t help myself. But also, holidays were always a time that my family spent together. My dad would be off work for holidays and have free time to spend with us doing whatever we wanted.

Easter has always been a holiday that I didn’t quite understand. I mean, I know it’s a religious holiday, but my family has never been religious, yet we still celebrate it. I guess it’s just the fun of it all, having something to celebrate and an excuse to go out and do things that have become a tradition to your family.

This Sunday, I went to the farmers’ market and got coffee in town instead of participating in any traditional Easter Sunday activities. But, I really didn’t mind. I had a great time hanging out with friends. Maybe next year I will celebrate Easter again, but who knows?

Happy Easter!

So cheap!

So I went to Santa Barbara on Saturday, and I was wondering why Marshalls has such cheap things.

Marshalls is owned by TJX companies. It is the second largest off-price fashion store in the United States and has more than 750 conventional stores including Marshalls Mega store. They also expanded into Canada and Puerto Rico.

They sell shoes, clothes and hardware with very low prices. I got a few Nike running shorts. One of them originally costs 40 dollars but I got them for 15 dollars. When I go into a Nike store, I always hesitate to buy things because they are very expensive; but at Marshalls, they are more than 50% off and I just want to spend all my money because I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money. Also, I got a pair of GUESS sandals for 30 dollars, which probably costs more than 50 dollars if I get them at an actual GUESS store.

Also, Marshalls helps American charitable organization for helping children, families; Domestic Violence Prevention, United Way, National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Saint Jude’s Children’s hospital.

An Easter Basket for Bunny Day

I think it’s pretty well known that I trip a lot.

I regularly get out of bed, trip, or simply fall on my face.

was proud to say I did not fail after getting up this morning.

Then I opened my door and tried to walk out into the hall.

I tripped over this:

Which is a pretty freaking awesome thing to trip over I might add.
I got: yellow peeps, lemon heads, Reese’s, pop rocks, airheads, Laffy Taffy, sweet tarts, a chocolate bunny, fruit gummies, sour punch things, and a bunch of other sweet, amazing stuff.
I also got a “Happy Easter, Emmy!” card from my little sisters.
So I just wanna say thank you to my family for getting me this awesome tripping hazard and thanks to my sisters for the cute card.  I’d be happy to face plant every morning if this was waiting for me.
I love you guys.  Happy Easter!

Sandy Friends and Smiley Beaches.

This weekend was so good.

Yesterday, I got off campus with my best friends to go shopping in Santa Barbara. I mean, what could go wrong there? Four girls on State Street, a beautiful sunny day in California, shopping. It was fantastic.

We ended up eating at Pascucci’s for dinner. Although I was never a big fan of the restaurant because I believe the food is incredibly bland, I nevertheless had an amazing time with my girls, all of whom I will miss so so so much after June 8th of this year…

Today, the girls headed out to the beach.

The day was beautiful and we made so many memories under the sun. Sand was everywhere and we strutted around in our bright bikinis, showing off our fabulous shorts tans we all accumulated from sports.

Anyways, although I am super happy, I am growing scared because of how close graduation is. 60 more days! And then we all part our different ways and walk the rest of the paths we were on.

All I can say is that I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with such wonderful girls. I know I will never forget them and that we will always, ALWAYS stay best friends, wherever we are on this Earth.

Sea World!!!

This weekend I had the chance to be the FIRST person to take my awesome girlfriend Joanna to Sea World in San Diego California. Since she had already been to Disneyland I figured that it would be great to take her to experience something new, and great it was.

It was SO much fun! We went to see a couple of the shows like the Shamu show and Pets Rule! which is a show that has nothing to do with the sea by the way, but regardless it is beyond impressive when the viewers find out that all the animals in the show were dogs adopted from the San Diego Humane Society.

Sea World to me is a place where those who wish to see majestic animals can do so in one location, animals that would otherwise be found in the wild and could be unreachable by people with monetary limitations. I know that it sounds horrible that these animals are kept in captivity and will never get to see the open ocean, yes i agree that is really sad but look at the kids who see these animals and are in complete awe and happiness.. to me that is a nice thing to see.

So that’s what I think is great about Sea World.
Do you like it there?