CIF preliminaries!

Last Saturday was CIF Southern section division 4 preliminaries track meet at Carpinteria high school. It was pretty cold and cloudy, but perfect for running.

I ran the 1600 at 1 O’clock, and the 800 at around 3 O’clock. There were so many schools there which made me nervous. However, in the 1600 I could run my hardest and I was satisfied with what I ran. In the 800, I feel like I should’ve done better, but I think I did my best, so it’s all good.

I’d like to thank (krapyrres) and (r3t5nom) so much for coming and cheering me on. You have no idea how much it helped me and pumped me up.

Thank you so much for (thebrownguy) for taking me there and calming me down.

One more to go!

Photo credit : (r3t5nom)

Mother’s Day

Today is the second Sunday of May.
We all know what that means.
It’s a day filled with flowers and cards and breakfasts in bed and hugs and kisses and long-distance phone calls.

I don’t know what to say except that I love my mom very much.

Of course, like any other teenager, I have had my ups and downs with her, and I still go through phases of conflict with her today.
But it is in these moments of conflict, where I have learned to put down my pride and learn humility and obedience. She teaches me even when I am at my worst.

My mother is a beautiful woman. Without her, I wouldn’t be here on this Earth. She has given me a gift that no other person could have given to me. Her distinct set of chromosomes combined to make a unique me.
Thank you mom.

And I can’t forget the effort and care she put behind raising me. The nine months of carrying me and the 18 years of nurturing me. The schooling and teaching and feeding and holding. The bandaids on the scraps, the porridge when I was ill.

Maybe there weren’t times when she wasn’t at her best, but I know that if we could do it all over again, we would do it perfectly..but then again, you can’t rewrite your past.

I appreciate my mother so much. But I know I won’t be able to appreciate her fully until I become a mother myself.

To all the mothers out there, thank you. There is no other job like being a mother out there.

Reika at CIF Preliminaries!!!

I want to start off by saying this, Reika Kijima who is a student at my school is one of the most amazing athletes I have ever had the chance to meet personally. Aside from being an impressive athlete she is also an amazing person and someone im proud to call my friend.

Saturday May 12th I had the opportunity to tag along to the CIF preliminaries with Reika, our friend Serry, and lets not forget to mention the great track&field coach and history teacher Mr. Alvarez. In my head I never expected to see the level of running that I ended up witnessing throughout the day. I saw a high school runner run the 100 meters in 10.73 seconds… that is insanity.

But truth be told we were there for one person only, we were there to support our runner girl Reika Kijima!!!

Reika left me in awe when I got to watch her drop her personal best time in the 1600M from 5 minutes 20 seconds to 5 minutes 9 seconds. It was amazing to see her do such great work, hard work which played off in the end when she placed second in her heat and earned a spot in CIF finals next coming saturday!!!!!!

Intensity and concentration are always awesome elements to witness in an athlete.

This next image to me captures everything there is between a runner and her coach, a beautiful bond that will last forever.

I’ll be there next Saturday cheering you on runner girl!!

Congrats again on such a great job, YOU’RE AWESOME!!!:)

Best Mom Ever

I can seriously say that I have the best mother ever without a doubt in my mind.

She is the kindest person I have ever known. She is kind to every person she comes across. There is not a mean bone in her body.

She is the most loving, accepting, patient and tolerant person. Which are good qualities for her to have, because I was the most difficult, stubborn, and troublesome child to try to control.

She has been a mother to three kids, and still she manages to keep her patience and kindness. She even acts as a mother to those who aren’t her own. It’s amazing how much unconditional love she has for people.

Like most kids, I went through a phase where I thought my parents were terrible, evil people who were trying to ruin my life. But looking back, they did everything for me that I have ever needed. They are selfless and amazing.

I don’t really know how to put into words how much I love my mom. I trust her more than anyone on this planet. And not just because she is my mother by blood. But because she is the person that she is and has the qualities that she has. And the fact that she makes dorky faces at me, and cries whenever I leave for school. And the fact that she spoils me even when we don’t have enough money. And the fact that gives me what I want even when I deserve it.

But, I love her for the things she does on the contrary as well. I love the fact that she tells me the truth, even when it’s not what I want to hear. And the fact that she is always right, even when I wish she wasn’t. And the fact that she is totally embarrassing. And the fact that she fights with me when I deserve it.

I love everything about this woman and I don’t know how I was ever able to take her for granted. I can say she has without a doubt made me the person that I am toady. She supports me, she encourages me, and she guides me without even knowing it. She is the best role model a girl could wish for.

I hope I have been a daughter she can be proud of. And really, I can only hope that I can become half of the person that she is today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I hope you realize that you are so much more than the hands that feed me and the house that shelters me. You are my inspiration and my best friend. I love you more than words can describe.


I just finished watching the fantastic movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It is a mind bending movie but one that works the brain in the best way possible.

I must say, I have a weakness for spy movies, the realistic type (not like Mission Impossible crap). They are just so scintillating and exciting.

Although I was a tad confused at the end of the movie, I still enjoyed it and its fun to have a movie that keeps you thinking even once it is over.

But beyond the world of spy movies, there is the world of actual “intelligence” work.

I think it is such an interesting field, one that holds so much power and importance. We have no idea what goes on behind the closed doors and yet we are all aware that it is extremely important.

The amount of work that goes into behind a step ahead of everyone else, from enemies to allies, is absolutely incredible, and yet we have no idea what it is, only that it exists.

I think the people that work for groups like the CIA should be saluted for doing such unselfish work that aims to always keep ‘Merica on top.

Worst Person in Sports #20-Juan Castillo

As many of you readers may recall, I spent an awful lot of time trashing Juan Castillo, defensive coordinator of my beloved Eagles, last season. Now, he’s back with an even more atrocious act than simply calling the wrong formations.

First round pick Fletcher Cox was criticized by Castillo during the team’s rookie minicamp. I’m not talking about a playful criticism or a little teasing to haze the rookies. I’m talking full on cursing him out. The kid is brand new to the squad, and you’re gonna start yelling at him? Probably not the right approach.

Honestly, Cox handled it like a seasoned pro, only responding with “Yes sir, I’m gonna correct it, sir.” and “I know sir, I apologize.”

Class act for a rookie, if I do say so. As an athlete myself, I should explain that when a coach gets hard on you, it’s nothing personal. It’s for an athlete to recognize a mistake and correct it themselves.

My one massive issue with this was that Cox had no idea what he did wrong, and apparently Castillo failed to explain it. That’s just bad coaching. I always appreciate when a coach has something to criticize about my style of play. I always welcome that kind of criticism. But tell the kid what he did wrong, Juan!!!!

It’s the only way he’s gonna be able to get any better. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a team’s first round pick.

Sweet Sting Sunday.

I had my first bee sting of the year today, and man it hurt a lot more than I remembered.

So I was casually reading my book as you do on a Sunday afternoon, admiring the view from my porch chair and relaxing in the shade of the huge oaks over head. The birds chirped away singing sweet songs as they played and splashed in the water of the bird bath unaware of the dangers that accompanied them in their play.

Yes, it turns out bees like water too. In fact one may say it is the typical hang out or meeting spot during the spring/ summer months. Little did I know reading my book sweetly would I become a target for their fun.

Now I’m no wimp, and if a bee were to buzz around me I would remain calm and still but when one lodges itself in your finger it’s not that easy to do either of these things.

It was well and truly stuck, chained down by the sting that was embedded in the tip of my middle finger and you know what I was scared to pull it out incase it stung me. Obviously it had done that already but in a moment of panic I just let it stay there wiping it off carefully, after a few minutes, with a pair of tweezers afraid of its next move.

Little did I know its next joke was to leave the sting in me, how cleaver, leaving me deal with the pain for a little longer. I’m sure it sought amusement from that.

I eventually managed to get it out after a refusal for help from my father “because he didn’t have his glasses,” but luckily my Mum came to hand proving her skills on Mother’s Day.

So now I have the biggest swollen middle finger ever. I may just have to go and use it swearing at the rest of the bees.

Universal Studios!

Today was my first time ever going to Universal Studios. I didn’t know what to expect as we rode the bus there, but I had a lot of fun!

Both of my friends had already been there a time or two before, so they knew where all of the fun stuff was and were happy to show me around.

First, we went on the tour of the stages and sets where many famous movies have been shot. It was really interesting to see how many stages they had and how many interesting sets there were and what it took to create them. When I watch movies, I guess I never really think about the fact that they have to shoot on a set rather than in the real place. We saw outdoor sets from many movies including War of the Worlds, Jaws, Psycho, Desperate Housewives, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Three Amigos, and many more. We rode around in little buses throughout these sets and got to hear a little about each of then. We also saw some cool 3D King Kong preview and car stunts from Tokyo Drift. It was really mind-blowing to see how much goes into these movies!

After that tour, we went on a Simpsons Ride which was really silly, and then we went to the Mummy ride. That one was probably my favorite. It was like a miniature indoor roller coaster. We also went on a Jurassic Park water ride.

Towards the end of our day, we went to a Waterworld show where there was many stunts and tricks done on the water in a performance. There was a lot of action and fire as well. It was a very entertaining show to say the least.

About an hour before we had to leave, we exited the park and went walked through Universal City Walk. There were a lot of shops and we went into a few of them. We got candy from a candy store called Its Sugar, which was really cute inside and they had my favorite candy, chocolate covered gummy bears. We walked around for a little while longer and went into a few Universal gift stores and debated buying dorky souvenirs.

It was such a fun day and I had a really great first time at Universal Studios. I will definitely be going back again sometime soon!

Wear Sunscreen.


There are many hazardous, dangerous things in life today: crime, illness and technology are just a few.  Despite these posing threats there is one danger that has existed through the decades of time and presents the biggest risk. The sun.

The sun has the ability to heat, provide and aid life but its power is also potent because it  can also kill, destroy and harm.

Many people are aware of the threat that the  sun poses yet, despite this, they still go out in it’s heat unprotected, getting sun burnt and damaged. With a growing awareness about skin cancer and its causes, many people are trying to be more cautious but there are those that are still taking risks daily.

Although the danger is not an immediate confrontation, the suns rays are still a major hazard.

So be careful, wear sunscreen and be happy.

The Importance of Competition

It is often said that I am too competitive, and this may very well be the case. However, I make the argument, time and time again, about the importance of competition.

You see, competition is what drives us to greatness. Intrinsic motivation, though powerful, hardly ever has the motivating power of external motivation. This is evolutionary, and has served us well.

Think of all the great thing that have come about due to competition; space travel, new building techniques and all the technology that has come from war.

Competition fuels us, pushing us to work harder and faster. This is how we advance, how we build.

Many people think of competition only regarding sporting events and such, but I know that I am personally motivated by competition in the classroom. I want to be the best in whatever I do.

And there is the key: being the best.

I feel that too many people do not push themselves, they simply sit back and let the world push them around.

I know this is inevitable, that some people will be more motivated by others. Yet I also feel that we have culturally shifted to allow for many more people to act passively while a smaller group controls them.

This “movement” may very well have to do why things are changing so quickly with things like the Occupy Movement and such.

So lets stand up and get motivated, because winning is just so fun.