Universal Studios!

Today was my first time ever going to Universal Studios. I didn’t know what to expect as we rode the bus there, but I had a lot of fun!

Both of my friends had already been there a time or two before, so they knew where all of the fun stuff was and were happy to show me around.

First, we went on the tour of the stages and sets where many famous movies have been shot. It was really interesting to see how many stages they had and how many interesting sets there were and what it took to create them. When I watch movies, I guess I never really think about the fact that they have to shoot on a set rather than in the real place. We saw outdoor sets from many movies including War of the Worlds, Jaws, Psycho, Desperate Housewives, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Three Amigos, and many more. We rode around in little buses throughout these sets and got to hear a little about each of then. We also saw some cool 3D King Kong preview and car stunts from Tokyo Drift. It was really mind-blowing to see how much goes into these movies!

After that tour, we went on a Simpsons Ride which was really silly, and then we went to the Mummy ride. That one was probably my favorite. It was like a miniature indoor roller coaster. We also went on a Jurassic Park water ride.

Towards the end of our day, we went to a Waterworld show where there was many stunts and tricks done on the water in a performance. There was a lot of action and fire as well. It was a very entertaining show to say the least.

About an hour before we had to leave, we exited the park and went walked through Universal City Walk. There were a lot of shops and we went into a few of them. We got candy from a candy store called Its Sugar, which was really cute inside and they had my favorite candy, chocolate covered gummy bears. We walked around for a little while longer and went into a few Universal gift stores and debated buying dorky souvenirs.

It was such a fun day and I had a really great first time at Universal Studios. I will definitely be going back again sometime soon!

Wear Sunscreen.


There are many hazardous, dangerous things in life today: crime, illness and technology are just a few.  Despite these posing threats there is one danger that has existed through the decades of time and presents the biggest risk. The sun.

The sun has the ability to heat, provide and aid life but its power is also potent because it  can also kill, destroy and harm.

Many people are aware of the threat that the  sun poses yet, despite this, they still go out in it’s heat unprotected, getting sun burnt and damaged. With a growing awareness about skin cancer and its causes, many people are trying to be more cautious but there are those that are still taking risks daily.

Although the danger is not an immediate confrontation, the suns rays are still a major hazard.

So be careful, wear sunscreen and be happy.

The Importance of Competition

It is often said that I am too competitive, and this may very well be the case. However, I make the argument, time and time again, about the importance of competition.

You see, competition is what drives us to greatness. Intrinsic motivation, though powerful, hardly ever has the motivating power of external motivation. This is evolutionary, and has served us well.

Think of all the great thing that have come about due to competition; space travel, new building techniques and all the technology that has come from war.

Competition fuels us, pushing us to work harder and faster. This is how we advance, how we build.

Many people think of competition only regarding sporting events and such, but I know that I am personally motivated by competition in the classroom. I want to be the best in whatever I do.

And there is the key: being the best.

I feel that too many people do not push themselves, they simply sit back and let the world push them around.

I know this is inevitable, that some people will be more motivated by others. Yet I also feel that we have culturally shifted to allow for many more people to act passively while a smaller group controls them.

This “movement” may very well have to do why things are changing so quickly with things like the Occupy Movement and such.

So lets stand up and get motivated, because winning is just so fun.

The NFL Draft-Let’s take a look

Well, the NFL Draft has come and gone with a lot of solid performances by some already powerful teams. The New England Patriots added some strong defensive depth, adding Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower in the first round. The Baltimore Ravens were able to add even more depth to their linebacking core, drafting Courtney Upshaw. Even the Philadelphia Eagles had a strong draft, picking up Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry and Brandon Boykin, just to name a few.

I am very excited for the new season to begin. I gotta wait until August to see them in action, since that’s when the preseason games start. I can’t wait to watch these teams go at it.

But of course, as is the case with every draft, there is always one just BAD selection.

That, my friends, was the Seattle Seahawks and Bruce Irvin.

Irvin, which I will take as my worst person #19, went into the draft as the number 99 overall player. He was taken in the top 15.

Even if Bruce Irvin turns out being this incredible football player, he would have been available in the second round and maybe even the third. Seattle shouldn’t have reached this far. Probably going to be a huge mistake for them.

Anyway, I’m pumped up, despite the Giants having a solid draft as well.

We are ready this year. I smell a Super Bowl for Philly!

Either that, or I smell the bust factor of Bruce Irvin.

Gastric acid

Gastric acid helps digest food we eat, control propagation of viruses. The body secretes 0.5 liter of it, which is the size of 500ml bottle for every meal. When you’re hungry, its acidity becomes very strong that it can even melt metals!!!

But if the acid could melt metals, how does the stomach membrane remain unhurt? It’s because when the acid is secreted, simultaneously it secretes viscous liquid to make a protection of the surface. The viscous liquid is alkalinity, which neutralize the acid!

Makes sense!


21 Jump Street is quite possibly the best movie I’ve ever watched.

It is a remake of a television series featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Let me tell you, the combination is incredible. The theme of the movie was reliving high school memories.

Jonah Hill, the once nerdy high school outcast was cool when he did high school over again as an undercover cop. It was the opposite for Channing Tatum. The once popular jock was now considered “uncool.”

This movie had me laughing almost the entire time. It was my kind of humor. Stupid and spontaneous.

You MUST watch the trailer:

Wasn’t it funny? Did it make you laugh?

Now, you must get off your chair and turn the computer off and head over to the nearest theater ASAP to watch 21 Jump Street!


Relay for Life is an extremely amazing event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. I have gone to if for the past 2 years, and I was looking forward to this years event. I had been counting down the days to Relay for Life for a while, and I was so excited when it finally came.

In the weeks leading up to RFL, I had been trying to raise money for the cause and needed $100 to participate in the overnight portion. So, I asked all of my family and friends and within just about a week, I raised the money that I needed. Overall, out school team raised $3,210! I thought that was pretty amazing. For that, we received a Bronze Medal award which means that we were a very valuable contributor.

I left early with my friend Evan to help set up our booth on Buena Ventura High School‘s track/football field. We decorated our booth with colorful paper flowers in support of this years “fiesta” theme, due to Cinco de Mayo. We also had a lot of colorful posters and other decorations. We sold these paper flowers, ceramic mugs & bowls, and auctioned off themed baskets including chocolate, beach, spa, and movie themes, in order to raise more money for the American Cancer Society.

At our booth, we had a lot of fun costumes and hats, and all of the students that came to support the cause dressed up in ridiculous outfits including banana suits and Dr. Seuss attire and walked laps. There was live music, fun games, and many cool and informative booths to visit, with anything from face painting to a bike auction.

In last year’s event, a couple who were cancer survivors had their wedding right on the field. It was a very special event and meant a lot to them. This year, sadly, the man’s cancer has returned. Fortunately, he was able to show up at the event with his wife, and it was very inspirational. He was walking around and having a good time. It was great to see all of the support they had from people at the event and I’m so glad they were able to come this year.

After dinner time, and after returning from a Battle of the Bands contest at Thacher school, my friend Wendy and I returned to the track to walk in the night portion of the event. There were a lot less people walking during the night, and it was very tiring. There were only 5 of us, until at about 12 o’clock, another faculty member and her boyfriend showed up to help us out. I think throughout the night, we managed to keep at least 1 member of our team on the track. Wendy and I took naps in hour increments, but it was too cold to actually sleep, and we would get up from time to walk some laps and warm ourselves up.

It was a very great experience. The Luminaria lit up around the track were very inspirational and a reminder that there have been so many people effected by cancer. It kept me walking and helped me realize how lucky I am to not have been effected too harshly by this disease, and also the importance of the support I was giving to this event.

Overall, the event was really great and I am so glad I have had these last 3 years to support a great cause. Hopefully, with all the money raised through all the Relay for Life events, more progress will be made in order to minimize the devastating effects of cancer and help find a cure. I am proud to say that was part of the OVS team. We did such a great job and I hope we continue this effort in the years to come.