What a year!

It’s weird how things work sometimes. You see yourself with somebody one minute. Then, you’re with someone else the next minute.

It’s weird how this year has gone for me. I’ve made some decisions, but it’s not like I’m regretting my choices. I’ve loved every decision I’ve made this year. That’s ranging from new friends to new romantic relationships to things that happen at home to how I spend my money.

My grandfather passed away, a few friendships have died and a relationship with a particular girl has been absolutely slaughtered. With the exception of the passing of Pop-Pop, this year has been rather solid.

I have my friends, new girlfriend and family to thank for that. They stuck by me this whole year through adversity and I couldn’t be happier.

The craziest thing is….THERE’S STILL ONE MORE MONTH OF THIS!!!!!

At any rate, this was a fantastic year, yet quite confusing. There have been things that I don’t quite understand, but hopefully will soon get to realize.

Let’s finish strong and not let up just yet!!!