A New King In The World of Nikon

Recently I purchased the Nikon D3s which is an extremely fast camera when it comes to fps which means frames per second, at an impressive 9 fps in full format and 11 fps in cropped DX format, my camera was one of the fastest cameras on the market.

But then came the Nikon D4, it is a dream camera for a professional photographer and definitely should be looked at as a work of art. Well it was the dream camera for a professional photographer until the Nikon D4 came out and took the throne.

The D3s and the D4 don’t look too different at first glance but it is at a closer look where you can see the great changes that were made from one to the other.

First change that will definitely benefit a photographer in the long run is the angle at which the shutter button is placed on the body of the camera. It is placed 35 degrees more tilted so that it makes it easier to shoot for a long period of time.

The second big change on the camera is the quality of the censor. The Nikon D3s is equipped with 12 mega pixels and the D4 is equipped with a 16 megapixel sensor. A big difference that truly hit me hard when I found out 😦

It also does up to 14 fps, that is un believable.

In the end what I am trying to say is that I got the D3s because I didn’t know that the D4 was coming out so soon after, it sucks so badly.

And also that the Nikon d4 is one of the most remarkable cameras ever made by Nikon.


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