Good Evening OVS Bloggers!

Gosh it’s good to be back in the blog world and the non-alcoholic Thanksgiving after party that is Mr. Alvarez’s Journalism class. Do tell! How is it going so far? I’m sure you are all enjoying it. If I remember correctly Journalism was always like a big birthday party with desks and a big white board. Unfortunately, there was no cake.

What! No cake?

But, who needs cake when you have a teacher like Mr. A? Yeah okay, so he doesn’t have sprinkles and fire cracker candles on his head and he doesn’t walk into the classroom covered in vanilla frosting…he doesn’t right? Anyway, if he were to be covered in frosting it would be chocolate flavored, not vanilla, because everybody knows that a brown guy can’t hide beneath his frosty vanilla coating.

What's Up Vanilla Face?

Okay, okay. I’m done ragging on the teacher. (Evan Cooper, you’re next!) But take what I’m about to say to heart; I don’t know any of the new teachers at OVS, but what I do know is that Mr. A, regardless of how great they are, will always be number one in my eyes. He is absolutely one of the greatest teachers and one of the greatest people (persons?) I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. I’m not even really sure if that was proper grammar. But, thankfully he wasn’t my English teacher so you’re off the hook for any mistakes I make Mr. Alvarez. You all should know that I’m proud to have been his student and so should you. Hope you guys have an amazing year. Enjoy it and take advantage of what they teach you. And absolutely absolutely absolutely ABSOLUTELY do not take it for granted because it’s going to be the best high school experience of your lives. Be well. Have fun. Don’t be late to class.


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5 Responses to Good Evening OVS Bloggers!

  1. thebrownguy says:

    you are so missed here….thanks for checking in and showing the young journalists how it’s done. you have an A for the day!

  2. theotherblackgirl says:

    Yay A! Wish I was back in the room typing and rocking out to The Commitments hahah. 😀

  3. I miss you!!!!!!! Personally I thought it should be a B because I found two missed commas but we can let it slide because it is the first of the year. You need to come and visit soon!

  4. thebrownguy says:

    maybe, just maybe, you should try a little tenderness….be well, do great!

  5. theycallmedame says:

    I absolutely loved this!
    Gave me the biggest smile 😀

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