The Gingerbread House

This weekend was the famous Gingerbread House Decorating party at my house.  This is an old tradition of my family that dates back all the way to when my mother was a child.

It started with my Nana making two houses during Christmas for my mom and her brother.

After my Nana married my Big daddy it became a little party for all his seven kids.  As their kids grew and her friends kids grew, more and more kids were brought into the fold.  Soon it became an annual party in San Antonio, Texas, with around 200 people or so every year.

When my mother moved to California she stopped going. But after I was born and a little older, my mom started it up again. And from then on we have had a Gingerbread house Party.

This year was the last year for the party.  We had about 80 people come this time, with kids from five years old all the way to 18 years old.

It was a lot of fun and I am really sad it has come to an end.

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