Finally Relaxed

All the stress is gone after the last two weeks. I had one of the most stressful two weeks that I have had in a long time. But with the help of my teachers and friends I was able to pull through and go off to my Thanksgiving break nice and relaxed.
Being home provides a form of comfort that you could never find anywhere else. Family and friends are two of the most important and amazing parts of my life, and seeing them is great. I love home.


Thanksgiving is a great time to remember what is most important in life, whether it is family, friends, food or money haha.

I really love this holiday!!!

What do you think about Thanksgiving?


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Today, I went to Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey with kirbyfullyloaded and her family. Man, everything was so pretty. First, we saw otters playing around, through a glass window. Next we saw a penguin walking on the red carpet right in front of us! AHHHH! That was the cutest thing ever!

Then, we saw a big glass tank full of fish. There were bass, a sun fish, a hammerhead shark, dolphin fish, a sea turtle and sardines.

My favorite was the sea turtle! It was really cute!

The water there comes directly from the Monterey Bay, which is very good for the fish and other sea creatures because the water contains plankton. All the sea animals there are native to Monterey Bay and you can also see the marine life from the deck.

Isn’t that amazing?

Being Thankful

One year ago I was in Israel, two years ago I was at Midland.  Two years seem like a long time, but I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.

Last year living in Israel my Thanksgiving meal consisted of yogurt, bread, cheese, water and an orange.  I was in Gadna, a mock IDF basic training program to test and place potential soldiers.  I did not even know it was Thanksgiving until later that night when one of my friends, who had spoken with his parents had told me.  There was still no other place in the world that I would have wanted to be.

Two years ago I was at Midland.  At Midland for Thanksgiving you don’t get to go home. Instead you family comes to you and a huge Thanksgiving afternoon and meal takes place with about twenty turkeys and over two hundred people.

This year I will be home, with my family and the people I love and will be eating TOfurkey.  In just two years things have changed so much and each year I find myself exactly where I want to be.  On Thanksgiving, that is what I am really thankful for.



Video games, what is the draw? Xbox, PS3, Wii, these are all devises that are used for entertainment, what ever happened to the good old stuff? Making dens and mud pies, play fighting, going to the beach and building sand castles, all free, exciting activity’s but many of these past times seem to have been lost.

Fun, exciting, activities now only seem to happen on the screens of ones TV, rather than in the outdoors. Virtual dueling, fighting and building homes, people now indent their sofas with wear, tear and maturity rather than themselves and their clothes. Although many mums see this as a plus, children just don’t gain the experience of learning things hands on.

Many people don’t even know what getting dirty is, the virtual life has kept many clean, vulnerable and in many cases helpless. People may be good at fighting with avatars but in a day-to-day confrontation it is not their Xbox controllers that can help them.

Video games have taken over the human experience. People don’t learn from their mistakes instead they learn from Halo or Call of Duty becoming addicted to the gaming lifestyle.

Although video games can be fun it seems that some people take them far to seriously allowing them to consume their lives, which in my perspective just is not right.

New Pets!

I absolutely love animals more than anything. I really do. I love wild animals, and of course, I love pets!

Over the years, my family has had cats, birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, and fish. They have all been pretty amazing pets.

But sadly, this past year, 2 of my cats have died, and the one still living has a fist-sized tumor in his liver. My parents took my cat Smokey to the vet, and she told us we will have to put him down within the next week if he survives for that long. I will miss his so much.

When I found out about it, I couldn’t imagine coming home to a house without my cats, or any pets at all for that matter. So, I was VERY happily surprised when my Mom told me she is going to get a puppy and two kittens!!!

I am completely overwhelmed with excitement right now. My family has never had a dog before. Ever. I have always been so jealous of my friends and other families that have dogs – and now I finally get to have one 🙂

My friend decided she would come help me look for a new dog and kittens that I like, so we took at trip to the Milpitas Humane Society yesterday. There were SO many cute dogs and cats.

I am just so glad my family and I get to adopt a cute animal and provide a home for an animal that needs one.

We’re still searching, and on Monday I am SO EXCITED to go to another humane society with my Mom and hopefully pick out a new member of the family.

Asian population in the U.S

I see a lot of Asian people (well, including me) in the United States, especially in California. I wondered what percentage of the U.S. population is made up by Asian-Americans.

An Asian-American is a person who has an origin from an Asian country (either combination with additional races, or alone) ; Cambodia, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

According to the U.S census Bureau, they occupy 5.6% of the U.S population in 2010 which is 17.3 million people (3.8 million of Chinese, 3.2 million of Fillipinos, 2.8 million of Asian Indians, 1.7 million of Vietnamese, 1.6 million of Koreans, and 1.3 million of Japanese).

Now, if you take a look at by state…

Even though this picture is from 2000, according to the U.S census Bureau, California still has the highest population of Asians than any other state, which is approximately 5.6 million people.


Anyway, there are many Asian people in America.

There goes reality

Last friday, a brand new video game game out, The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim was released.  It is the fifth game in the huge RPG series based on the fantasy province of Tamriel.

One of the best things about this game is the vast amount of things one can do.  For instance killing a chicken becomes a moral dilemma that will usually follow by a mob of angry townsmen.  One could also become a dragon slaying enemy infested spelunker

I have now logged about 22 hours of play time and I have only completed about 14% percent of the game.  You could literally spend hours just wondering around the game going from the wind-swept peaks to the deep marshes.

Basically this is the one game to rule them all. Period.