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With the Republican debates (if you can call them that) going on right now, I was reminded of how much I enjoy a good debate (this is how it’s done), mainly because I have not seen one during this election. You … Continue reading

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Tetris Battle is one of the most addicting games I have ever played in my life. I used to make fun of people at this school who played it, including almost all of my friends. But one night I succumbed to … Continue reading

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Let The Stress Begin!

As the week comes to an end and the weekend begins I am feeling more and more stressed out. I feel like I’m in a big way psyching my self out way more than is necessary but regardless, it sucks. … Continue reading

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Worst Person #8-(2nd time on the list)-Jerry Sandusky

This must be one BAAAAAD dude, huh? He’s now the first athletic figure to make my list twice, and he did it almost in a row (Damn Jerome Simpson). So Congratulations to Jerry Sandusky (insert sarcastic tone of voice.) Now … Continue reading

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So handsome and young You ride into battle Fair skin, clear eyes Curling, wavy, long hair Student of Aristotle Your brilliance was blinding Military, studying You exceeded all men Killing animals, hunting Slaying men without regret You showed your potential … Continue reading

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What I Want in Life

These are the things I want most in life: Victory, purity, the sea, freedom, honor, courage, love, beauty, strength, future, twilight, justice, opportunity, rebirth, snow, grace, inspiration, sand, warmth, friendship, integrity, connection, spontaneity, innocence, compassion, wisdom, hope, sunshine, success, resilience, serenity, identity, … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m crazy BUUUT…

After this past weekend of NFL action, and after the Eagles lost on Thursday night, it shocks me to this that the Eagles are STILL not mathematically out of the playoff race. But now things need to get serious. The … Continue reading

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