With the Republican debates (if you can call them that) going on right now, I was reminded of how much I enjoy a good debate (this is how it’s done), mainly because I have not seen one during this election.

You see, the Republican candidates are either too crazy and misinformed to be able to argue their point of view, or they are stuck on advertising themselves to America in what they think is the way Americans want to see them.

Gingrich (who is crazy evil) does seem to have a bit of skill at the game. Unfortunately his combination of hypocrisy and shear Darth Vaderness makes him so unappealing to listen to that he is mostly ignored.

The ignorance that is shown on the stage pretty much cancels out any interest I have in the debates beside entertainment and the crazy things they say. And that is unfortunate, because the art of debate is a great one.

The whole trick is to stay calm and look for that one mistake. If you can keep up with good rebuttals and attacks long enough, your opponent will slip up, and when they do, you must be ready to pounce.

Once you have seen the mistake you must attack. In this case, offense is the best defense. They can argue all they want but you will always be able to fall back on their mistake. Hopefully, they become flustered, allowing you to find more and more mistakes.

The goal, in the end, is not to convince your opponents they are wrong, but everyone in the room that you are right. It takes patience and knowledge, but when played properly, a debate can contain fantastic results.

I am constantly looking for someone to debate with, about any issue that is found to be controversial. To test myself I often argue the side I disagree with. By doing so, I learn the enemy, giving me the upper hand if I ever end up on the other side.

Debate is really and art form and one that is not used enough in today’s society. If we talked more about the important issues, the whole country would become better informed, hopefully leading to a better society.

So get out there and argue! Don’t just yell, look for the mistakes and attack, attack, attack!


Tetris Battle is one of the most addicting games I have ever played in my life.

I used to make fun of people at this school who played it, including almost all of my friends. But one night I succumbed to the temptation and got sucked into the never-ending addiction.

Tetris is one of the oldest games for computers. I remember playing it when I was younger on my parents big old desktop computer.

Now, it is even more fun than ever to play a competitive version through an application on Facebook. You are allowed 2 minutes of time where in you and your opponent battle it out to see who can get the most points. At the end, depending on who wins or loses, you earn or lose stars, which help you earn a higher rank and win money so you can buy new cool features for the game.

The winner is determined by the number of “Lines Sent” – Higher number means you’re the winner!

You can play against one or more person at once, and also request to play your friends.

I know it’s terrible how much I love this game now. I really should be studying for final exams, but tetris battle is always lurking in the background, calling my name and waiting to distract me!

Let The Stress Begin!

As the week comes to an end and the weekend begins I am feeling more and more stressed out. I feel like I’m in a big way psyching my self out way more than is necessary but regardless, it sucks.

I really want to do well on my finals, more than ever before. I want to make my mom proud and my teachers proud but even more so my self proud. I am beyond sick of disappointing my mom and my teachers, I just want them to be happy for me and say good job instead of what I’ve always heard which is “you could do better” or “you need to do better” dissapointed

I want to be able to walk away from a final with a smile on my face and knowing that I did well, it’s horrible to walk away and know that you got a bad grade. F

One day I want to feel what it feels like to get an “A” on a final, and no Spanish class didn’t count.

Lets see if I can make it happen this time.

Hopefully this won’t happen!


Worst Person #8-(2nd time on the list)-Jerry Sandusky

This must be one BAAAAAD dude, huh?

He’s now the first athletic figure to make my list twice, and he did it almost in a row (Damn Jerome Simpson). So Congratulations to Jerry Sandusky (insert sarcastic tone of voice.)

Now let’s get to it. Mr. Sandusky was taken to jail for his sorry ass to rot. But this is far from over. He is able to post bail and is expected to do so. This trial is not over by a long shot.

I stand by my thoughts that this will not end until Mike McQueary comes forward and tells the jury EXACTLY what he saw on the night he witnessed Sandusky with a young boy.

Unfortunately, like a situation I am currently dealing with, (And Thank You OVS for your continued support), the truth lies with the coward.

McQueary wants to hide. But, he can’t. He’s become one of the most popular internet searches in the world thanks to a pedophile. He didn’t commit the crime. He simply didn’t handle the crime.

Check out this article for all the details about Sandusky and the 10 victims that testified.

The children need you, McQueary. Please! SHOW YOURSELF!!!!


So handsome and young

You ride into battle

Fair skin, clear eyes

Curling, wavy, long hair

Student of Aristotle

Your brilliance was blinding

Military, studying

You exceeded all men

Killing animals, hunting

Slaying men without regret

You showed your potential

To rule all the world

Alexander, Alexander

Up on your white house

You lived like a god

But died a mere mortal

Blessed by Athena 

Undefeated in battle

Your arm tireless,

Never ceasing

You lead from the front

Charging into the fray

Unafraid of dark Hades 

You earn the loyalty of men

Vanquishing Persians

Greeks and Indians

None stood against

Your Macedonian might

Son of your mother

Beautiful Olympias

Snake-lover, murderess

Devoted to you

Son of your father

Philip the Second

Olympic Games victor

Dead by Macedonian hand

Conqueror, Pharaoh

Ruler of Persia

Ended the Gordian Knot

With a flick of your knife

You white horse


Faithful in battle

Dead in India

A city named for him

You married a Persian

The noble Roxana

An attempt to unite

The greatest of empires

Friend of Hephaestion

We you brothers or lovers?

Achilles and Patroclus 

Claimed he was “Alexander too”

Drank the red wine

Worshiping Dion

Until rosy-fingered Eos

Opened bright eyes

Fell ill at a banquet 

Catching fever and sickness

Poison?  The Gods?

You died so soon after

In death, you were beautiful

Still handsome as Endymion

Seemed to only be sleeping

Like Selene’s drowsy beloved

Alexander, Alexander

Who were you my love?

God, mortal, or other?

Still no one knows

Alexander, Alexander

Whatever you are

I’ll be yours forever

Even death can’t us part

What I Want in Life

These are the things I want most in life:

Victory, purity, the sea, freedom, honor, courage, love, beauty, strength, future, twilight, justice, opportunity, rebirth, snow, grace, inspiration, sand, warmth, friendship, integrity, connection, spontaneity, innocence, compassion, wisdom, hope, sunshine, success, resilience, serenity, identity, serendipity, knowledge, genius, dawn, forgiveness, rain, happiness, strategy, responsibility, empathy, salt, passion, trust, wind, color, electricity, desire, truth, duty, innovation, laughter, music, generosity, bravery, patience, flexibility, glory, possibility, luck, clarity, creativity, moonlight, brilliance, the stars, loyalty, understanding, rebirth, absolution.

I don’t just want to breathe.  I want to live.

Maybe I’m crazy BUUUT…

After this past weekend of NFL action, and after the Eagles lost on Thursday night, it shocks me to this that the Eagles are STILL not mathematically out of the playoff race. But now things need to get serious.

The Eagles must win every game remaining for any chance. Also, the Cowboys may not win more than one more game and the Giants may not win more than two. The Cowboys’ must also win one more game for the Eagles to make it. That win must come against the Giants.

Really guys? I can’t be put out of my misery yet because the season is still salvageable. I can’t quit on this team yet because NONE OF THE NFC EAST TEAMS WON THIS PAST WEEKEND. Each team failed to one extent or another. The Cowboys crashed because of coach Jason Garrett calling an unnecessary timeout. The Giants lost by 3 points to the undefeated Packers (Both teams played poorly, but it’s the Packers for God’s sake). The Redskins are a mess and now hold the same record as the Eagles (4-8)

This division has always been very competitive. But usually, the teams were at least closer to elite status.

If the Eagles lose one more game, the season can end and I can stop going crazy.

The Eagles face the Miami Dolphins this Sunday in a must win game. A loss ends the season. The Dream Team needs to keep dreamin’.