Samantha Who?

What does the movie, the Anchorman (featuring Will Ferrell and Steve Carell), and NBC’s show, Up All Night (starring Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph), have in common?

Christina Applegate!

And she is making her way up my favorites list again with the tv show, Samantha Who?

I started watching this show just recently and I fell in love with it.

The story begins in a hospital. Samantha Newly, Christina Applegate’s character, has just woken up from an 8-day coma after being hit by a car. She suffers retrograde amnesia meaning she cannot recall memories from a certain time period before the accident. In the few episodes that I have watched, Samantha is on a backwards journey trying to find out who she was and changing herself for the better.

I absolutely love it.

Here’s a starter video that will give you a good summary of what it’s about:

And here is a scene from the Anchorman-a bit random but something funny!

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