Time To Get Fit!

It’s that time of the year, that time when I push my body to the point of exhaustion in the gym on a daily basis in order to achieve a nice fit look for summer. Time to hit the weights and jump that rope, eat less junk and run like a mad man.

I had the pleasure of being trained by one of the most incredible people and amazing personal trainers I have ever met this last summer.

Yes that is him, he has modeled for various companies and contrary to what most people believe he has never done any steroids or any kind of enhancing to get his body to where it is today. His name is Modu Seye, he was born in West Africa and his way of being and view on life and health is what keeps ME Moduvated.

He started his own company called Moduvated (clever right?! haha) a couple years ago and has gone as far as creating his own protein called Moduvated Greentine!

Aside from being an amazing personal trainer, Modu is also one of the most thoughtful human beings in this world.

So I’m writing this blog to say thank you to him and encourage everyone else out there in reading my blog to get out and work out every day for a little bit and care about themselves and their health.

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